The Retro Collection of A.S. – Continued?!

After making another trip to the next town and visiting A.S. again as planned, I only expected to make a brief update here to simply say that he followed through on his promise to give us more PS2 games and the elusive gold Legend of Zelda cartridge for NES.  Instead, I am awestruck by even more surprises that he had up his sleeve for us.  Along with the promised goods, A.S. pulled out a huge bag of – you guessed it – more games!  Conveniently for my personal collecting void, they were all for the SNES.  We received 24 cartridges, another SNES console, one controller, and all the hookups.  I paid him an extra $40, so we’re up to a total cost of $340 Canadian for his entire collection at this point (go here for the backstory of how we chanced upon this literal gamer miracle, and the first round of what we got).  Here’s a photo of what we procured today, minus the console and controller.  I’ve excluded Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to have a purist Nintendo photo, but we got that as well.


I was Super excited (pardon the pun) about getting Earthworm Jim, Zombies Ate My Neighbours,  Lemmings, Total Carnage and Super Metroid.  I already own copies of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars as well as Illusion of Gaia, but it never hurts to have multiple copies of awesome games.

Picking up and going through this collection has been such a strange and wonderful experience.  There is a part of me that hopes that there are still a few gems left hiding in A.S.’s basement, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!  I never want this dream to end.

In the meantime, because of our now excessive number of SNES consoles, my boyfriend is going to Plasti-dip one in black and red.  For anyone that just broke a sweat over this kind of modification of the system, it’s not permanent.  Plasti-dip peels right off whenever you grow weary of it without damaging whatever it has been applied to.  Pro-tip: it is an excellent way to spruce up tire rims!  Maybe I’ll post some photos in the near future when it’s finished.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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5 Responses to The Retro Collection of A.S. – Continued?!

  1. benez256 says:

    Every time I see the photos of the old cartridges immediately I tear myself in the desire to have them all! By the way this is an awesome blog, congrats!


    • hungrygoriya says:

      Thank you very much! I’ve been collecting for years, and the blog feels like a natural extension of that hobby. I know what you mean about seeing photos of old cartridges, too. I want to own all of the games I missed out on growing up!

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  2. hungrygoriya says:

    One of these days, I will have to post photos of our Nerd Room. It is literally a room filled with our video games/consoles. We just need to finish organizing things first.


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