Flea Market Adventures – Ms. Pac-Man

We travelled to a nearby flea market in search of a corner shelf for our future Nerd Room.  The Nerd Room is a work in progress to showcase our collection and to create a space for gaming and perhaps eventually streaming game play online.  With our recent huge acquisition of games, we definitely need more storage space!  After taking a look around at a few different vendors, we saw it among a pile of Bayou Billy NES cartridges: Ms. Pac-Man.  Even though we just received a huge number of Atari games in a recent lot purchase, Ms. Pac-Man was the one game we really wanted to see and didn’t get.  We picked it up for a hefty $7.50 Canadian.  It was more than I wanted to pay for one cartridge, but at least it’ll put that aspect of collecting to rest.


I’ve heard that this game is significantly better than regular Pac-Man for Atari 2600.  That version of Pac-Man has been said to be the worst incarnation of the famous arcade game to exist on this lovely planet, so I’m happy we won’t have to play the ugly brother exclusively.

Happy Sunday, and thanks for reading!


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