Customized SNES

My boyfriend has a knack for making things his own.  He made over the tire rims for his car a few years ago using Plasti-dip, a spray-on product that forms a rubberized coating that can be peeled off at a later date.  It refreshed his car rims and made them match his car.  Conveniently, this product can also  be used on a variety of materials including plastics.  In the interest of science, my boyfriend decided to try his luck at customizing one of our recently acquired SNESes using Plasti-dip, and the results were fabulous.  He chose red and black for ultimate understated coolness.


Just as a sidenote: my boyfriend taped off the panels with the serial number and other important information on the bottom to keep them untarnished.  The parts that are still grey (including the expansion bay door on the bottom) were all separate pieces from the case itself when the system is dismantled, and he didn’t want to risk compromising the functionality of those parts for fashion.

I personally think it looks pretty rad!

Hope you’re enjoying this lovely weekend.


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