Negotiating No-Nos


I’ve been stuck in this very one-sided negotiation for an awesome lot of games for the past week or so.  I saw the ad go up and answered it within an hour with a few questions about whether or not all the games available were legitimate copies or reproductions.  This is a super exciting game lot since there are some pretty rare NES games in there: Action 52, Bubble Bobble 2, Ducktales 2, Chip and Dale 2, just to name a few.  The woman replied within minutes, telling me that all the games were legitimate copies, and that for an extra $100, we could get over 50 game manuals and boxes for random games.  She sent us some spectacular photos of the manuals and boxes, and there were so many… some matched games that I had loose and some were for games that I didn’t own but eventually planned to.  There were some awesome and rare things in there as well.  All in all, it was well worth the asking price.

We originally agreed to the deal of asking price plus the extra $100 for everything and were trying to work out details about when my boyfriend and I could swing by to pick things up.  The seller is a few hours away from where we live, but I was willing to go the next day if possible so that the deal wouldn’t fall apart for some unforeseeable reason (I will remind you here that this happens to me more often than not, so I’m expertly paranoid.)  The woman we were dealing with didn’t solidify a time or place, but said she’d let me know her availability soon and took the ad down immediately.

I didn’t hear from her the next day, so I wrote her back asking for clarification around pick-up and gave her my phone number so that we could work out the details as soon as possible.  She then proceeded to drop a bomb: she had another buyer who was willing to offer her more by a margin of $100.  I was shocked because I was under the impression that the deal had been made and had been super elated at the prospect of adding these rarities to our library.  I also wondered how anyone else had replied since she had taken the ad down after our first correspondence, but I didn’t want to go on the offensive right away.  I wrote her back expressing my confusion, and asked for clarification on what the next steps were.  She told me that if this new buyer didn’t show up that we could have it.  I was hesitant to start a bidding war since a) the site she posted on is not meant for bidding and doing so goes against the site’s terms and policies, and b) if I hadn’t emailed her to firm up the deal, I might never have known that someone else had supposedly offered her more money than what we had agreed to.  This didn’t sit well with me.  I was starting to wonder about her motives in this deal, and about whether or not there was actually a second buyer at all.  It seemed a little contrived considering that she had only informed me when asked.

So far, I haven’t received any more updates from the seller,  but I’m still remaining hopeful.  I sent her an email this evening simply asking for an update on the status of things since she hadn’t indicated when this apparent other seller was going to pick up the lot.  No reply yet, but dammit, I really want this!  It’s so frustrating trying to deal with someone who is a poor communicator and doesn’t seem to have my interests at heart at all in the matter.  I can’t understand why someone would not be loyal to the person they made a deal with first, especially since I was willing to pay her asking price and drive for several hours on my own dime to pick everything up.  I feel like even if she had received a second offer (again, I’m not sure how she even received it since she took the ad down right after we spoke on the first night), she should’ve told me about it and asked if I could match it, or at least have given me a chance to offer her more from my end.  This whole thing has been shrouded in secrecy and darkness.  If we don’t end up getting this lot, it’ll truly be the one that got away, and I won’t stop thinking about it for a long while.  Sigh.

Anyway, please keep all your relevant appendages crossed so that this might work out in our favour in the end.  My boyfriend and I are planning to start streaming games that we are acquiring on Twitch, so if we can get our hands on these, you can look forward to some rare stuff popping up on our channel of the same name (Hungrygoriya).  If not, my heart will be crushed for a little while.


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