Douchebaggery: The Unanswerers of Emails

Well, I’m stuck in a bit of a video game hunting rut.  I’ve replied to several ads online that have had interesting games that I’d like to buy up (Vic 20 + games, some NES stuff, etc.) but it seems that nobody is interested in writing me back.  I’m not sure where proper social etiquette has dissipated off to, but Douchbaggery seems to be rearing its ugly head more and more in the form of Email Unanswerers.  I’ve tried my luck at some garage/yard sales as well as an estate sale and have come back empty-handed in those mediums as well.  To add insult to injury here, the only thing I’ve been able to find at the local thrift store is an N64 console with a power cord, but no AV connector, controllers or games!  And they’re asking $50!!  It’s an obnoxious price, especially for something that you can’t even test when you get it home.

And so I wait, patiently.  To quell my aching heart, I just emailed a guy who is having a yard sale in a few weekends to see if the video games he’s advertising are for retro consoles.  If yes, at least I’ll have something guaranteed to look forward to.

In brighter news, my boyfriend and I are going to head to a game exchange in a couple of weekends.  At these big gaming events, we have had touch and go luck depending on who has shown up to sell their wares.  The Hock Shops just seem to suck all the fun out of the hunt by charging taxes on their games (I get it.  They’re a business that has to charge taxes, but I think they should lower their prices for the day to be competitive with everyone else rather than asking $10-20 more for the same stuff as the table next door.)  On occasion, we have found great games for reasonable prices, or bought up manuals for loose games that we already own (I am a huge sucker for instruction manuals… I love the art and the tips and the bad translations.)  My boyfriend often makes out like a bandit since he is a lover of retro PC gaming, and the prices for boxed old PC games has not become even nearly as inflated as the console games have.  For me, being primarily a console gamer, I normally end up spending more than I want to.  I am also a horrible haggler, so that is obviously not working in my favour.  I’ll always make a lower offer, but I won’t press if they say no.  I’ve left some true gems behind because I’m cheap as hell.

Speaking of haggling skills, here’s an aside: At a yard sale yesterday, an elderly man wanted to buy an ancient all-metal sprinkler that was in questionable working condition.  He asked the woman running the sale how much she wanted for it and she asked for $2.  He countered her offer with 5 cents.  She asked him if they could meet in the middle at 50 cents, and he was pretty resistant and sounded exceptionally irritated.  I wiggled away with my two new shoe horns while they argued.  I was in awe of this man’s nerve and gusto over a few dollars.  Perhaps I’ll offer someone $5 on a $200 game and see how that goes.

Also, along the way to the big game exchange, there are several other flea/antique markets that we intend to stop off at.  I am hoping to round out some of my personal collection with a few things that I’ve been wanting to pick up, but haven’t been able to find for the price I want.  Here are a few things on my wishlist:

Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron – Sega Genesis
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap – Game Boy Advance
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages – Game Boy Colour
Any SNES RPGs that I haven’t gotten my hands on: Final Fantasy II, Soul Blazer, Breath of Fire II, etc.

If you’d like to see the list of games that my boyfriend and I have collected so far, feel free to check it out on Backloggery.  We are going to keep that list up to date, and it’ll also help us to track our completion progress as we work through our enormous backlog of games.

Enjoy the rest of this frigid day!


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