The Yard Sale Weekend

I can honestly say that this weekend was my bravest yard sale weekend to date.  I probably went to at least 10 in total, and I actually got out of the car most of the time (yes, this is normally a problem for me since I get shy, and also have a crippling fear of offending anyone that I don’t buy from… I can barely make eye contact.)  Unfortunately, I found a big pile of nothing at all with respect to video games except for loads of the old “Cereal Box” games like Scrabble and Monopoly.

Despite the lack of cool finds, we did try out a new flea market.  It was meh overall, mostly filled with those greenish-black statues of cats and dogs, really expensive non-antiques posing as real antiques, furniture we could never fit into the car, and many, many dustables.  The only video game-related things that were there were Gran Turismo and Crash Bash for PS1, both with no booklets.  I already own Crash Bash, and Gran Turismo doesn’t seem like my cup of tea.  I left them both behind.  My boyfriend found some Supertramp vinyl, so he was happy. I don’t know that we’ll make another special trip back out that way any time soon.

On our way back home, we followed some yard sale signs in hopes of striking big after a mostly unsuccessful venture.  When the signs took us down a highway we hadn’t travelled on before, we didn’t think much of it and pressed on.  Eventually, the paved road we were driving on turned to dirt road surrounded by bush.  As the kilometers kept piling on, we were starting to think we were on the ass end of a horrible prank where the yard sale is really a murder shed or something like that.  Every once in a while we’d see another sign, so we knew we were still on the right track (although we half expected the arrows on the signs to start pointing in the direction we had come from after a while in typical horror movie fashion.)  Not letting the Yard Sale of Ultimate Doom and Despair and its Signs of Sorrow get the best of us, we eventually got to the place: a weird trailer park.  I call it weird because it looked very unorganized.  Normally, trailers have designated lots and there is some sort of order to things, but these trailers just looked randomly placed in this huge open area.  Near the gates were two fold-out tables accompanied by two people who were staring down our vehicle as we slowed to see the wares.  No smiles.  Just staring and what felt a little like contempt.  It didn’t feel right, so we turned around and went back after all that.  It truly looked like they only had a bunch of vases and other dishes/glassware to sell, anyway.  The true highlight of this random adventure and an obvious benefit to being at the back of beyond was seeing a very young moose with its gangly legs and its dopey face.  We kept our distance in case it decided to charge the car or investigate us, so no pictures were taken.  So cute though.  It even chose to cross the road at the sign indicating a moose crossing.

An aside: If I may mention one last unnerving thing about this yard sale attempt, it’s that when we finally did turn on the GPS to see if a town was coming up, we realized we were on a dead-end road to nowhere and were approaching the end of it.  There is nothing that gives me the willies more than seeing roads that just end.  No alternate route back, no cell service, no township, and also not having any clue where we were.  If we had been travelling in the dark, I would’ve needed a Raffi compilation just to keep from screaming!

Anyway, I will press onward!  Next weekend is a big gaming event, and our hopes are high.  I’m still refining my list of things to search for.  Hopefully I’ll actually have some good buys to report soon.

I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Victoria Day weekend!


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