Mixed Bag Finds: Genesis, PS1 and Game Boy Advance Treasures

Well, the Video Game Thrifting Gods have smiled upon me heavily this day.  After trying to move swiftly through my amassed collection of 30% off coupons from the local thrift shop after my last giant purchase there, I was down to my last one.  I got a text from my friend’s wife that works at the thrift store with some news of some good finds, so I popped in the car and drove over there.  Sure enough, the finds were abundant and right up my alley.  I found Azure Dreams for PS1, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords for Game Boy Advance (just the cartridge), and Double Dragon 3 on Sega Genesis:


Four Swords was one of the last of the Zelda games that I was hunting for, and conveniently, it also comes with the SNES Zelda as well!  I own A Link to the Past on SNES and have it in its complete in box form, but I’m always curious to see how games sound and look when ported to different consoles.  This is very exciting news since I think now, the only Zelda game I have left to collect is Oracle of Ages, as well as the GameCube’s Four Swords Adventures.  I’m sure they’ll come out of the woodwork sooner than later!

Azure Dreams is a game I first heard about last fall.  I had seen an ad on the local buy and sell site that had the Game Boy Colour version listed and had scratched my head about it since I’d never heard about it before.  The game came in a lot with several Pokemon games that I wanted to buy, so I had scooped it up as well at the time.  After doing some reading about it, I was pretty excited to play it.  I automatically assumed the Playstation release was after the GBC, but it turns out that it’s actually the other way around: the PS1 version was released first.  I personally didn’t own anything between the NES and the Wii except for a PS2, so I had no idea that PS1 and GBC games were being released at the same time.  Also, I hadn’t realized just how expensive the PS1 version was until today after buying it and looking it up.  The game in the thrift store was priced at $41, but online it’s approaching $100!  I think they priced it a bit lower since it’s one of the more lesser known and obscure titles they never assumed they’d sell to just anyone.  And now it’s mine!  All mine.  In its sweet, excellent shape.  The disc has no scratches on it.  The case is a little beat up, but that’s nothing that can’t be swapped out for better hardware.  Gosh.  I love finding this stuff.

Here are the two versions of the game together:


I was going to make another entry yesterday, but I figure now is a good time to mention that we found some good hardware for streaming!  At the moment, we have several video capture devices including an Elgato, which works great for newer console gameplay recording.  I find it has its limitations when we are trying to capture anything from pre-HD times.  Although our other capture cards are made for non-HD games, they all have their issues: one heats up to ridiculously hot temperatures and the other seems to introduce fart-like distortions into the audio.  We found a Pinnacle Studio MovieBox 710 capture device all on its lonesome at the thrift store.


After trying it out with some N64 games as a preliminary test, it seems to work wonderfully.  I’m looking forward to trying a stream with it soon, and am greatly debating which RPG series to start.  The Nerd Room is currently torn apart since we are rearranging things and mounting new shelves on the wall, so who knows when that will happen!  Sigh.  Lastly, in addition to the capture device, we also picked up a microphone for audio commentary.  It doesn’t produce as high a quality of sound as the one we currently use, but it’s definitely nice to have a replacement in the event that our current one decides to kick the bucket!

There she be!  Another successful round-up of excellent games that people graciously donate.  It’s pretty nice to be able to give old games a new home, and to play them (eventually… my backlog is getting to be a bit ridiculous…)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your evenings!


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