PS1 Goodies

Until very recently, I barely owned any titles for the PS1.  I only owned the Final Fantasy games released for the system, as well as releases of the earlier games in that franchise on compilations like Final Fantasy Origins, Chronicles and Anthology.  After watching some streamers on Twitch playing other PS1 games I had never even heard of, I did some reading and discovered a whole bunch of RPG titles that I needed to get my hands on.  And so the obsession began.

At the game swap that my boyfriend and I travelled to recently, I conveniently found Lunar: Silver Star Story and Grandia.  Lit ablaze at the potential to find great games at reasonable prices, I took to looking through buy and sell ads and perusing Ebay.  I am now the proud owner of five new PS1 games: Breath of Fire III, PaRappa the Rapper, Xenogears ($140 for all three), Lunar 2: Eternal Blue ($120) and Alundra ($65).  I kicked myself a little after seeing Alundra listed locally two days after I bought my copy from Ebay, but no sense in regretting things we can’t change, right?


I got Breath of Fire on SNES a few months ago.  I used to have a friend that really loved the series and highly recommended it.  Thinking back now, I might have actually bought him a copy of one of the games back when I got my first credit card and was able to do online shopping.  I don’t think Ebay keeps records for that long to confirm, unfortunately.  Anyway, now that I own the first and third installments, I just need to track down a copy of Breath of Fire II for SNES.  I might have to start saving up some cash for that one, though.  I’ve heard it can be quite expensive.  Xenogears is a game that has been recommended to me over and over again by various people, but I didn’t want to spend $70 on a game I knew nothing about.  After seeing it in the lot of games being sold a few days ago, I started watching some reviews and was relatively impressed.  I managed to get it for what I feel was a decent price in the three-game lot, so I can’t complain too much there.  It has raving reviews at every corner of the internet, so hopefully it’ll live up to all the hype.

PaRappa the Rapper was a game I had been wanting to buy long before I started looking into PS1 RPGs, but had been appalled by prices online.  I learned that the game was pretty rare, but well-loved by many.  There weren’t a lot of copies floating around up for grabs.  My best friend owned the game in our youth, and we played it often in her parents’ basement on an enormous flat screen CRT television.  I don’t remember laughing that much at any other game.  I didn’t own any Playstation consoles at that point in my life, so playing a rhythm game with a foreign controller was pretty nightmarish.  I think that’s what made it fun, though. Kick, chop, it’s all in the mind… was a line that returned to me often.  I can’t wait to set it up and play it again for the first time in over a decade.

Alundra is a game after my own heart.  Something didn’t sit well with me when console game developers started integrating polygonal characters into the mix.  They just didn’t look right then, and they still don’t look right now.  In my humble opinion, some of the most well-loved games of all time with ugly sprites haven’t aged well at all (i.e. FFVII).  What drew me in about Alundra was in part the fact that the character sprites were reminiscent to those on the SNES.  The game has often been referred to as a Zelda clone, and I can see why based on the visuals.  The story is also awesome: a dreamwalker that saves people from the monsters in their dreams?  So cool!  Of all the new RPGs I picked up lately, this one is one that I’m very, very anxious to try out.  I love a sombre, dark story.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete was pretty expensive, but it came with the complete box set.  The box set includes the beautiful hard cover manual, the Omake Box (includes a map, cardboard character popups, and a necklace), the official soundtrack, and a four disc case with three game discs and a “the making of” CD.  Everything except the soundtrack was in excellent shape, but the seller thankfully disclosed that in the ad.


Speaking of the soundtrack, I had a listen to it this morning when the game first arrived  and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I also tried on the necklace.  It’s so heavy!  I totally wasn’t expecting that.  I am honestly impressed by the quality and detail in the box sets for both Lunar games.  It makes me think that Working Designs really had the right idea here and catered very much to the consumer.  Nowadays, you barely even get a box or a hardcopy of a game.  Gone are the days when this stuff was something people really looked forward to getting and looking through.  Sigh.

Soon I will update you all on an excellent purchase we made this afternoon.  I will leave you mildly in suspense for now, though.

Enjoy this lovely evening!


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