Liebster Award Post – Thank you!!!

When I first saw the Liebster Award come up in my WordPress feed, I was pretty excited about getting to know a little about each person that had been nominated.  Most of the blogs I follow are video game- and thrifting-related, but it’s nice to hear a little about the people behind the keyboard.  Truthfully, reading through people’s questions and responses was reminiscent of the good old days of being included on a long email list for a “survey” that asked you questions about everything from your crushes to your favourite food.  I’ve only been at this blog for a few months, so I am incredibly flattered to have been nominated twice in the last few days by some cool folks who have incredible blogs: Master of the Fist and The Maximum Utmost.  I would highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.  Thank you so much to the both of you for nominating me!

I thought I’d answer both sets of questions in one post.  Since Master of the Fist nominated me first, I’ll start with his questions:

  1. What do you feel you accomplish by blogging?
    When I put my thoughts down here, it’s like I finally have someone to talk to other than my boyfriend about retro video games!  The accomplishment for me is having a feeling of community for the first time in a long while.  At this stage in my life, there aren’t many people that I know that are into retro gaming or video games in general.  I suppose by blogging, I’m finally able to reach people with similar interests and feel connected again.
  2. What do you consider yourself most talented in?
    I don’t have many talents other than being able to pick up a lot of music by ear.

  3. If stranded on a deserted island or continent and only allowed 4 items what would they be?
    I would probably want to have a tent, a knife, a fire-starter and a water purifier.  Sounds like back-woods camping in Canada!

  4. What form of transportation do you prefer most?
    I am partial to driving a car, myself.  I drive often from town to town, and it’s nice to be in control and be getting to where I’m going at my own pace.  I’ve heard trains are lovely, too.

  5. What impact do you hope to have on the world?
    I hope to impact the world positively.  I realize that that’s very vague, but I really do make an effort to  be kind to everyone I meet.  Hopefully that can have a ripple effect and bring more positivity to others.
  6. Do you believe conflict can be settled just with words, or does physical violence have to be involved when necessary?
    I think conflicts between any two bodies can be settled with words.  Violence in many cases is a means to an end when people become impatient.  I’ve never had to raise a hand to anyone to get my point across.

  7. What is your favorite genre of music?
    Punk rock.  My favourite band has always been The Offspring.  I am also extremely partial to orchestrated music, especially with the surge of orchestrations of retro video game music over the past few years.  If you got into my car, you’d find The Offspring, a compilation of Vomitron music (they do metal covers of many epic NES tracks), and video game music Zelda’s 25th anniversary CD that came with Skyward Sword.

  8. What would you do if you were gifted 2 million dollars, how would you invest?
    I would probably start some sort of scholarship fund.  I’m a strong believer in accessibility to education, so I’d want to support that cause.
  9. What is the first thing you do in the morning after opening your eyes?
    I am normally running to the bathroom.  I always have a big drink of water before bed to make sure I don’t just roll over and ignore my alarm.

  10. What is the most rewarding experience you have ever had?
    Moving out for the first time and buying my first home.  I lived at home longer than most, and it was really rewarding to finally own my own property without any help.
  11. Do you think that you could live abroad for an extended period of time? If so, where?
    Definitely not.  I’m way too much of a homebody and love sleeping in my own bed.  I’d miss my family terribly.

Here are the second set of questions from The Maximum Utmost.

  1. What made you want to start writing a blog?
    My boyfriend and I have a pretty great game collection and although we both enjoy it personally, I wanted to share our experiences with collecting and hunting for games with others.  As a retro gamer, the whole process of finding games in good shape that I actually want is a feat, so I thought it’d be fun to chronicle my experiences for the general public.
  2. Outside of gaming, what hobbies do you try to cultivate?
    Gardening (vegetables and flowers) and finally finishing learning songs I’ve been trying to learn for years on the piano.  I play by ear and it takes me forever to learn from sheets.
  3. Night Owl or Early Riser?
    Definitely a night owl.  I can’t recall a time in my life where I’ve ever enjoyed getting up early, although I do find it peaceful being up at the crack of dawn once in a blue moon.
  4. Book or movie that had the greatest influence on you growing up?
    To Kill a Mockingbird was a book that really resonated with me.  We read it in English class in high school, and I can still hear Atticus Finch’s wise words echoing in many of today’s issues.
  5. Favorite beverage to relax with?
    I am completely in love with all kinds of tea, especially homemade iced tea lately.  Iced tea in summer and a hot tea in winter are my relaxation beverages of choice.
  6. Favorite character from a game?
    Oh gosh, this one is tough!  I like many characters for many different reasons, but if I had to pick, I’d say Vivi from FFIX.  I really related to him and his struggle with mortality.  Seaman is a close second.  He’s hilarious!
  7. Favorite season of the year?
    Canadian Autumn is beautiful.  Especially in the area of Canada where I live, there are so many beautiful trees changing colours at that time of year.  Driving anywhere is a real treat, and the weather is nice and crisp.  Scarf weather is my favourite.
  8. What was the first game that really made you like video and computer games?
    The first console game I ever played was Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt back in the early 90s, but we also had a lot of DOS demos growing up as well.  I used to love playing Wolfenstein 3D, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, as well as Commander Keen at the time.  The game that really got me excited about RPGs (which is now my favourite genre by far) was FFX.  I got that game for my 16th birthday along with a PS2, and the rest is history.
  9. The Beatles or Led Zeppelin?  (Or neither?)
    Definitely Led Zeppelin.
  10. Pie or cake?
    This is tough.  How can I choose?  I suppose if I have to pick one, it’d be pie.  Especially cherry, apple, blueberry or strawberry-rhubarb.
  11. Favorite number?
    6.  It’s always been lucky for me.

So there are 22 things you never knew about me.  My 11 questions are:

  1. What fictional character have you related to most?
  2. Do you think human life is possible on Mars?  Why or why not?
  3. Do you keep indoor plants?  If so, what kind?
  4. What’s your favourite campfire food?
  5. What new or old animated television show was/is your favourite?
  6. What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever found at a flea market or thrift store?
  7. What food dish do you consider to be your best work?
  8. Do you have any interesting or funny stories about online gaming with strangers?
  9. What’s the first console you personally bought new?
  10. If you could acquire a skill with no effort, what would it be?
  11. What is your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?

My nominations are:

Blow In My Cartridge
the Well-Red Mage
Nick the Gent
Mr. Panda
Master of the Fist
The Maximum Utmost

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your blogs so far!  I’m looking forward to more.

Thanks for reading and for thinking of me!


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7 Responses to Liebster Award Post – Thank you!!!

  1. Cheers for the nomination! I had just paid it forward – now edited my post to reflect the nomination! Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr. Panda says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination! And thank you so much for reading and enjoying my blog! I appreciate it a lot!

    Although I did just recently post a Liebster Award post a few weeks ago, I would still love to answer your questions right now!

    What fictional character have you related to most? Probably Naruto of the titular anime
    Do you think human life is possible on Mars? Why or why not? Probably not, just based on what we’ve seen and know of Mars so far. But I admittedly don’t know much about recent happenings on Mars.
    Do you keep indoor plants? If so, what kind? Nope
    What’s your favourite campfire food? Marshmallows
    What new or old animated television show was/is your favourite? The Simpsons, but it has to be the older seasons. I just don’t enjoy the newer seasons that much, which is a common thought among Simpsons fans
    What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever found at a flea market or thrift store? If this includes used game stores, I would say Maniac Mansion for the NES
    What food dish do you consider to be your best work? A turkey and mushroom bow-tie pasta dish lovingly called the Turks, named after some antagonists from Final Fantasy VII
    Do you have any interesting or funny stories about online gaming with strangers? Don’t really play online much so no.
    What’s the first console you personally bought new? Nintendo 3DS
    If you could acquire a skill with no effort, what would it be? Programming
    What is your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? JINGLE ALL THE WAY!!!

    Congratulations on your nomination! Keep up the great work! Thank you again!


  3. Clay says:

    AH You are a retro game collector blogger! I can get behind that 😀

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  4. pine717 says:

    I really can relate to looking for people to talk to video games about. That’s mostly what my blog provides me with. I very rarely meet someone else who is as into gaming as I am in the real world. It’s to the point that I feel incredibly awkward talking to people in real life about games.

    I will answer your questions here:
    1. This was a harder question than I thought it would be, but I would have to say that I think the answer is
    2. I think probably yes, human life is possible on Mars. With the issues regarding water and the atmosphere, it would take an immense act of will to colonize, but I think it would be possible.
    3. No indoor plants. I always think about growing some vegetables outdoors each time the season comes around, but I never get around to it….
    4. Campfire food? Probably roasted hot dogs. S’mores are a bit too sugary for me. Better just to stick with heavily processed meat product.
    5. Ooooooooo, difficult to pick this one. But Mr. Panda above me has the right answer I think. Older seasons of The Simpsons.
    6. I don’t think I’ve ever had any great finds in a thrift store, and it’s been a long while since I’ve been to a flea market (this question actually makes me want to go to one). But I will say the most memorable thing I’ve ever gotten from a flea market was an old NES cart of Tetris that my dad bought. It was the weirdest thing since if you played SMB3 after it, all the sprites of Mario and the goombas and stuff would appear as Tetris blocks. I have no idea how that worked.
    7. I make a very good sweet potato souffle based on my mother’s recipe.
    8. I’m afraid I have a hard time coming up with one off the top of my head. I have a few stories of glory, but nothing I would necessarily call interesting or funny.
    9. If you count handhelds, it would have to be the Game Boy Advance. I bought it to take on a school trip in high school. If you mean consoles, it was probably the Xbox 360. I was saving up to buy it to play Too Human. But that game came out to horrible reviews, but I still wanted the Xbox, so I bought it with BioShock instead.
    10. I have very little talent when it comes to drawing and painting, and I’ve always been envious of those who are good at it. So I would probably select those.
    11. True Lies. Great movie.

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  5. hungrygoriya says:

    Thank you for answering my questions! If you are near a thrift store or a flea market, I’d highly recommend trying it out for fun. I love the potential of finding something I didn’t even know I needed or wanted at a great price. I don’t have success every time I go, but that’s what keeps me going back. Also, I wish that I had your magical Tetris cartridge. That sounds awesome! I also wish that I owned True Lies so that I could watch it tonight. It is a great movie!


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