The Retro Gods Giveth – Kirby, Yoshi and The Simpsons

The N64 console is not something I grew up playing, so I don’t have a lot of nostalgic attachment to it or its games, but I know that the system did have some successful installments in big-name franchises that I’m familiar with like Zelda, Super Mario, Kirby, etc.  When I’m scouring shelves in thrift stores or hock shops, it’s those games that stand out to me the most.  Our N64 collection is quite small compared to what we have amassed for the other early Nintendo systems, but unlike a lot of collectors, we only collect games that we’ll actually want to play at some point.  I am not interested in owning entire libraries of games or “shelf pieces”.  I only want to own games that I’ll play.

Recently, I came across Yoshi’s Story and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards in a hock shop.  Given how much I like the earlier Kirby games and Yoshi’s Island for SNES, it was an easy decision to pick up both.  This was one of my first impulse buys in a while.  I normally research games in advance and at least know the approximate going rate for them online before jumping in.  There’s nothing that bugs me more than getting home and seeing that I got gouged on a price for a game.  For example, I’m still feeling bitter about trading too many games for my bad label copy of Earthbound.  At least in this case, although I’m pretty sure I overpaid a little (both cost me $40 and are filthy as sin, though it doesn’t show much in the photo), I was content with the purchase.  The guy I bought from is someone I normally haggle with, so once in a while I feel like I should try to throw him a bone and respect his pricing.  Here’s a photo of both games!


Today I got a nice tip from a friend that works at the thrift store telling me that there were some boxed NES games there.  We hurried over and saw four of them in the glass case.  One was some weird basketball game I had never heard of, and another was Skull & Crossbones.  The latter is a horrible action adventure game that focuses on some pirate folk.  I’ve watched a review on it before and it seemed ridiculously difficult, so we passed on both of those.  Of interest to me was a boxed copy of Kirby’s Adventure and a boxed copy of The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants.  The Kirby game didn’t come with its manual, but with the swap coming up soon, I feel confident I can find one there for $5.  The Simpsons game came complete with all its parts, which I was pretty happy about.  My childhood neighbour owned the game and I haven’t had a chance to play it in years.  I can’t wait to put on my x-ray specs and look for some aliens!  We got the Kirby game for $30, and the Simpsons game for $25.  Here’s a shot of our findings:


Both games are in absolutely excellent shape.  There is virtually no wear at all on each of the boxes, and the game labels are in pristine condition.  It’s really nice to find games that have been well taken care of!

I would love to play something tonight, but my boyfriend is obsessed with Neo Turf Masters!  I can’t seem to sneak in even for a brief moment to take over the Nerd Room for myself.  Hopefully I’ll at least be able to test these four beauties before putting them to rest on the shelves.

Have a lovely evening, and thanks for reading.


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12 Responses to The Retro Gods Giveth – Kirby, Yoshi and The Simpsons

  1. Mr. Panda says:

    Wow, boxed copies! You keep hitting it out of the park with these finds! The Simpsons fan in me has always been interested in trying out those games, even though I know they’re so bad. I have so many N64 games so I have a solid collection, but it always feels nice to find a nice, new cart to own and play, so I’m glad you found good ones!

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I’m pretty happy when I actually have something good to write about! I’m super grateful to have people on the “inside” of the thrift store to keep me in the loop.

      I essentially started my N64 collection in my mid-twenties, but it’s been growing pretty slowly so far. You always seem to have good recommendations, so do you have any for N64?

      And the Simpsons game isn’t horrible, mind you I grew up playing it. I might be nostalgia-biased. Progressing is slightly convoluted in the first stage, but after that things smooth out a little. The slippery controls are tricky though, especially in platforming parts. I’ve never beaten it, but I remember making it to the last stage as a kid. It’s definitely worth trying out sometime!

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      • Mr. Panda says:

        I do have some recommendations, at least for games that you may have missed. I might have mentioned these before, so forgive me if I did.

        Mischief Makers – Excellent platformer by Treasure, who made Gunstar Heroes and other great games. It’s the one with the robot who goes, “Shake shake.”

        Bomberman 64: The Second Attack – This game is very rare and expensive, so good luck finding this. It’s probably the best Bomberman game on N64, especially when the first one was an oddity and the second one was a single-player game where Bomberman could jump. This last Bomberman 64 game had a co-op mode, an engaging story mode, and a great multiplayer mode.

        Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon – This is one of my favorite games on the system. It introduced me to Japanese culture in games, and even had several Japanese vocal songs within. It plays like a 3D platformer with Zelda dungeons and a Japanese spin. It’s very funny too. Expect a nonsensical plot and a laugh track!

        Goemon’s Great Adventure – Goemon’s second game on the N64 was actually a platformer, but you could play co-op which was amazing. The four characters from the original are all playable here and have different techniques.

        Blast Corps – This Rareware game was rarer than the others. But it didn’t have silly mascot characters or guns. It had vehicles, which you used to destroy things. It’s cathartic to just blow up buildings, but it’s all with purpose. There are several missions where you have to protect a carrier by clearing a path, which means demolition!

        Ogre Battle 64 – This game is probably really rare, but at least they released it on Virtual Console! It’s a strategy RPG much like the other Ogre games, but I just fell in love with the real-time strategy gameplay and the military anime story in this one. This music’s great too.

        Harvest Moon 64 – Harvest Moon isn’t that uncommon of a franchise, and you may have played this one. This was my first HM and still one of my favorites. It does the farming/life sim/dating sim parts right.

        Space Station: Silicon Valley – This game was actually made by the studio who would eventually make the Grand Theft Auto series so that’s something. You control a microchip that goes into robotic animals to control them during missions. It’s a fun mix of platformer, puzzler, and 3rd person shooter. It’s fun, despite the ridiculous premise. I love exploring the worlds and getting to know new animal controls.

        There are more games I’ve enjoyed, and of course, any of the Nintendo games are probably ones you either have or already know about. Let me know if any of these catch your interest or if you end up finding or playing any of these, or if you already have them! I love talking about lesser-known N64 games!

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        Oh wow! This was very detailed, which I definitely appreciate! I could talk about games all day long, so I can totally relate to how you feel!
        I have heard of the Goemon games and have seen one of them floating around in town before but it was priced at $50 which was a bit too high for me… at the time, I didn’t know anything about it. I’m glad to know that they’re both good though… next time I’ll definitely snatch them up!
        Crap… someone was just selling a CIB copy of Mischief Makers, and I also had no idea what it was about. It was a screamin’ deal too… ugh. Maybe it’ll resurface.
        I actually own Harvest Moon 64 complete with its box and manual… I found it at Value Village one day and literally squealed with delight! I absolutely adore that game! I should really pick that one up again and get around to having my baby with Ann. I was doing well at getting to bed early with her, so it’d only be a matter of time. It’s so much fun!
        I’ve heard of Ogre Battle for SNES, but not for 64! I have yet to play a tactical RPG so I really have no idea if I’d like them… I have Final Fantasy Tactics that I should probably give a try at some point. If I like it, then I guess the Ogre games are the next best place to start looking from what I’ve heard!
        I haven’t heard at all of Silicon Valley! It sounds pretty complicated, but I imagine the adaptive nature is pretty fun. As for Bomberman, I had no idea that there were so many released for N64! I played the heck out of the SNES one whenever I’d visit my friend’s house as a kid, but never owned a copy.
        I am keeping a long list of your recommendations, especially with the swap coming up shortly. Hopefully I can find some of these for a good deal! Thank you, as always, for your input! I really appreciate it!

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      • Mr. Panda says:

        No problem! There are definitely more great ones, so please feel free to confer with me if you need any N64 recommendations on the spot, haha. Also, Ogre Battle is quite different from Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre games in that it’s real-time as opposed to turn-based. Some people like turn-based more, but I actually enjoyed the thrill of real-time engagement. You can’t go wrong for a lot of these, so I hope the price is right!

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    • Bart vs the Space Mutants gets a bad rep. It isn’t by any stretch “good”, But it is playable, and has a lot of nods to the show.

      Hard as hell, with very slippy controls.

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        I don’t know why so many people hate it so much, but I’ve always really enjoyed it. It’s like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure for me. Once you get the hang of it, you’re golden!


  2. benez256 says:

    Wow, great games! I had Simpsons on my PC, but I think it was a bugged version… 😦
    P.S. Mr. Panda you’re always a suggestions goldmine!

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