When I was 17… I got my very first SNES…

Just under half my lifetime ago in 2002 at my very first part-time job, I had been talking to a coworker about video games (as usual.)  He was complaining about his old SNES taking up too much room in his bedroom, so I asked him if he would be willing to sell it to me.  He said he would and brought it to work the next shift we were scheduled to work together.  I remember being so excited looking through the bag of stuff.  He had the console (which hadn’t yellowed at all), one official and one unofficial controller, as well as five games.  He had Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars and some sports games that I can’t recall now.  When I had asked what he wanted me to pay for it, he said $5.  I forked over my five-er and for the very first time could call myself a Super Nintendo owner!  I think about this often and wonder if he ever regrets selling it all to me, at least for so little money considering price inflation on retro games these days.

Before owning my own copies of the games, I remember playing Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World at friends’ houses and loving both games dearly.  With respect to All-Stars, despite the charm of the updated graphics and music, I am still more fond of the NES versions of Super Mario Bros. 1-3 because I grew up with them.  The Lost Levels on that cartridge are a nightmare, and I can’t complain enough about how hard some of the levels are (especially 8-3… damn those Hammer Bros.)  I’ve been debating doing a playthrough of that game soon, but I need to practice first I think!  Super Mario World was not a game I ever managed to finish in its entirety until a few years ago, but I loved it too.  I remember being baffled by the idea of having multiple ways to complete a stage.  That idea truly revolutionized the way I played platformers from there on out. I had always thought of platformers as linear, but the idea of exploring for hidden blocks and just-out-of-sight platforms made the experience so much more involved.  I loved it.

This blast from the past brings me to a few days ago: at the thrift store I chanced upon a compilation cartridge released in 1994 called Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World.  Even though I still have the two individual cartridges, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on the compilation because there are some slight differences in character designs (mainly Luigi) as well as some other small touches like differences in the title screen art.  The compilation cartridge normally goes for about $60, but the thrift store had it for $30.  I conveniently had a 15% off card which saved me the taxes on the purchase.  Here are some photos of the compilation cartridge with my two original copies of the individual games:

I am always fond of collecting games that have to do with Nintendo’s main game franchises.  For the right price, I’d even pick up the horrible Mario-themed educational games.  I saw those recently in their boxes at a swap for $40-$70 each, so I passed.  Next time, Gadget.

I hope you’re all enjoying this cooler weather.  Thanks for reading, as usual!


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18 Responses to When I was 17… I got my very first SNES…

  1. Mr. Panda says:

    I love the SNES and have fond memories of it. I’ve always wanted that Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World compilation cartridge, so you’re incredibly lucky to have it! It would be awesome to own a full Mario SNES collection, and yes, including the educational games, as you said. I have played Mario is Missing, and it’s something else, haha.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I feel like I’ve had a bunch of horseshoes strapped to me lately! I am hoping to play through all the games on the compilation sometime soon enough.

      I’ve played Mario is Missing, but only the NES version. I fully agree with your “something else” description. It’s a weird little lump of coal. There’s a story behind how I got that cartridge, but I might save it for another time!

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  2. I will always remember the SNES fondly. I don’t think I’ve ever beaten Super Mario World in its entirety. That damn Rainbow Road was nigh on impossible. If I’d never had an SNES I’d never have been introduced to the Final Fantasy franchise with FFVI, and my life would be infinitely less interesting and poorer for that loss. I actually don’t think I’d be a writer at all if I didn’t have VI and more so VII for inspiration!

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Rainbow road was a nightmare, but I managed to do it after being figuratively bald after figuratively tearing out all my hair doing it!

      I regret not having a SNES growing up, but at least I’m getting to collect and play lots of its amazing games now. It’s honestly such an exciting thing for me. I can only imagine how great games like FFVI and FFVII helped to shape you. I feel the same way about Faxanadu. It was the first game to really get me excited about monsters and RPG-style games.

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      • You’re making me want to search out a Let’s Play of Rainbow Road so I can relieve the experience without having to lose my mind about it lol.

        Faxandadu is such an awesome game! It was the game that got me into the world of watching LPs since I wanted to see it again. I love the music, too 🙂

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        If I had anything insightful to say about Super Mario World, I think I’d do an LP of it. I just don’t know the game well enough 😦


  3. benez256 says:

    Great! So this was the starting point of your collection?

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Of my SNES collection, yes. I had an NES, a Game Boy and a Sega growing up but nothing between them and a Playstation 2 when I turned 16! I’ve done most of my serious collecting in the last three or four years, but I’ve been casually buying up games most of my life.

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  4. lightningnightnova says:

    Super Mario World was one of the first games I ever played. It was so awesome to find different ways to complete the levels. It felt so special every time a secret area was uncovered.

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  5. Jon says:

    Good story! I got my SNES when I was 3 years old and enjoyed every second of it. Always good to see more peopel grabbing the Super Nintendo, no matter how old you are.

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  6. Jon says:

    No problem!


  7. $5 for an SNES and 5 games?! That’s a pretty sweet deal! The SNES is my favorite game console 🙂

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