A Sunday Drive to Nowheresville

While browsing the classifieds on Saturday night, I managed to find an ad for at least 30 N64 games for sale.  Because I didn’t grow up with an N64, I initially hesitated because so many of the titles I didn’t recognize.  I typed a few game names into a search bar to see if they were any good based on a quick search.  Most were not or were titles we already own, but as I continued to poke through the list, I saw some familiar titles that came in a past recommendation from Mr. Panda at Mr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews.  These included the two N64 Goemon games for the system which includes Goemon’s Great Adventure and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, as well as Mischief Makers.  There was a fourth game on the list that I had watched/read a few negative reviews about that I wanted to pick up: Quest 64.  Call me a sucker for punishment if you must, but there’s something about a game like that that I just have to experience at some point in my life.  I find experiencing the bad with the good gives you a broader appreciation for life’s little nuances.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll find that game to be particularly riveting!  Below, you can see a photo of the four games I picked up.


The games did not come easily to me because they were located out of town, but the price was right and I can’t resist a good deal.  The seller only wanted $50 for all four games, and considering I’ve seen a copy of Mystical Ninja with a bad label sitting on a shelf in a local hock shop for several months priced at $50 alone, I thought I might be getting a decent find.  Although I’m usually into RPGs, adding some fun and colourful platformers to my collection is always a good thing.  As much as I love a good, long game with a great story, there’s something to be said about the wonderful interludes that platforming games bring to the party!  If I ever finish EarthBound (yes, I’m STILL playing that one…) I’ll definitely welcome something a little more straightforward.

Hooray!  I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Hump Day.  There was ice on my windshield this morning, so I’m truly hoping you’re all having a warmer day than me.

Thanks for reading!


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22 Responses to A Sunday Drive to Nowheresville

  1. Nice finds there! Extra nice due to the cartridges looking in such good condition!

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  2. benez256 says:

    All this four games look great! Have you got some update regarding the huge games lot you were about to buy???

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  3. Matt says:

    I remember playing Mystical Ninja and Quest 64! Mischief Makers is a great game. Nice purchases.

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  4. Mr. Panda says:

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Sorry, I just got way too excited just seeing the pictures. Glad you picked up these games, and for a pretty good price for all of them too! I’m so excited for you to try out Goemon and Mischief Makers. I love those games so much! And Quest 64, I actually played that game, and controversial opinion: I thought it was fine. It’s not a good game, but I enjoyed myself when I was younger and had no better RPG options on the N64. It’s an odd game that doesn’t hold up, but it has its own charm. Have fun with your new games!

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  5. LightningEllen says:

    Sometimes playing the bad makes you appreciate the good more.

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  6. Ooooh Earthbound you say? I love that trio of games and can’t wait to hear your take on them. Congratulations on your finds! I haven’t heard of any of them. I’d moved away from Nintendo during its 64 days unfortunately. I played a little Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, but that system caused me to have migraines, the first time a video game ever did that to me alas.

    Mr. Panda is a great source for video games! I’ve added quite a few to my backlog due to his reviews. Goodness knows I don’t have time, but I can’t really complain about something that might be an interesting distraction 🙂

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Mr. Panda is definitely an excellent person to have around! I’m truly enjoying the “Gamer Veteran” knowledge that many people throw at me on this site. It’s so helpful!

      I am honestly loving EarthBound but because I’m streaming it, whenever I play it feels like it takes more planning than I’d like compared to a game that I’d just pick up at night and play through! It’s so heavy-handed and hilarious at the same time that I’m often chuckling awkwardly and not sure how to feel about things. It’s a great commentary on real life! I don’t own Mother, but I do own the fan translation of Mother 3, which I will get to at some point. I’m truly interested to see how EarthBound will progress.

      I’ve been looking for the Banjo games for a while, but I’ve never found them for a good price. I’ve heard such great things about them! Would you say they’re worth picking up?

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      • Mother 3 is such a great game with such a sad story. I need to rewatch them all, but 3 may be my favorite. Are you streaming it on your Twitch? I need to get on watching that.

        The Banjo games are very worth it! Amazon currently has the first for $19 (just checked lol). As long as you don’t get headaches from weird camera motion you should be good. The sequel is fantastic, too, and if you’re okay with crude humor Conker’s Bad Fur Day was quite amusing, but VERY crude (literally dick and fart jokes). It was quite…rare that the company made a game like that 🙂

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        Yes, I am streaming EarthBound on Twitch! It’s a blind playthrough so it’s painfully slow at times, just as a heads up. I am always appreciative of company when I’m playing, so if you’re ever around when it’s happening, I’d welcome some conversation!

        I think we might make it down to a swap this weekend, so I’m going to look for the Banjo games there. Conker’s Bad Fur Day has come up a few times in town, but people always want $130+ for it! I’m waiting for a deal on that one. I played the first part of it on an emulator and was chuckling away. Dick and fart jokes tickle me in a way they definitely shouldn’t…

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      • What time do you normally play? I think we’re in the same time zone (I’m Eastern Standard). I can always try to catch you! Plus it wouldn’t hurt for me to become better acquainted with Twitch 🙂

        Wow $130? Yeah wait for the deal on that one. Bahaha, you never really outgrow them do you? They’ll always be funny even in a childish way. I’m giggling just thinking about the concept and I have zero shame. I do love dry, witty, and sarcastic humor, but D&F jokes are relatively harmless fun.

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        If I’m going to stream, I normally get settled in around 8-9 p.m. by the time supper is done and I’ve had some time to get some work done in the evening! I don’t really have a schedule though. If you ever need a hand with Twitch, I can definitely try to help out!

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      • I just signed up for an account. I’ll find you there after I figure out how to navigate hehe.

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        Sounds good! The Twitch interface is a nightmare, so I hope you can figure it out. I still have a hard time maneuvering. My streaming site is http://www.twitch.tv/hungrygoriya if you can’t find me in a search. Looking forward to your company :3

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      • It IS kind of weird o.O I signed up and updated my bio.

        Thanks for the link!

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  7. Mischief Makers is great! I’ve been re-playing it recently trying to hunt down all the secret yellow gems. Very challenging to do but it makes the game extremely replayable. Optional challenges aside, the game itself is a quick ‘n’ easy blast, super quirky and inventive; definitely not your average 2D platformer. I’ve been meaning to write a post about it actually, because it’s one of those games that made a big impression on me as a child and then again as an adult returning to it.

    I played the first N64 Goemon (Mystical Ninja) game as a youngster too, it was certainly an interesting Zelda clone although I can’t say I’ve ever felt the urge to seek it out again. Unfortunately the sequel never came out in Europe so I know nothing about that one.


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