$10 GameCube Games and the Controllers from Hell

In all the excitement of the swap and desperately wanting to share what I found there with you all, I had forgotten entirely to post about a couple of games I bought just prior to it.  I’ve found some other things since as well, but I’ll save those for another day.

First off, have I ever mentioned that timing is everything with buying video games from classifieds sites?  Where I live, if you’re even a few minutes late after an ad goes live, it’s very likely that someone else has already pounced.  Conveniently for me, I happened to be the first visitor to an ad with a lot of about 20 GameCube games.  The most amazing part?  The seller only wanted $10 for each game, and there were some good ones in there!  They also had two controllers for $5 each, and a memory card for $5.

I was interested in three of the games on the list: The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition, Pikmin, and Luigi’s Mansion.  After phoning and speaking with the woman selling the games, she told me that all three games had their manuals and that the cases and games were in decent condition.  I didn’t bother asking about controller condition (stupid me), but said we’d be right over.

Well, we got the games and the controllers home, and it’s pretty obvious that these people didn’t care for their stuff very well.  The game discs are in okay shape.  There are a lot of small scratches on their surfaces, but nothing that will prevent them from playing (I hope… I’ve tested them and they all start up, but I can’t be sure until I play the games in their entirety.)  Two of the three manuals are in reasonable shape, but the Pikmin manual’s cover is torn completely off and ripped across the back.  It’ll take a little TLC to fix it up to a reasonable state again.


But the controllers?  Ugh.  They’re another story altogether because they are just in the worst shape!  I didn’t bother to look at them at the door when we picked up the stuff because it had been getting close to 10 p.m. and the people I was buying these games from were having a party of sorts.  When I got everything home, both controllers were missing the thumbstick rubber altogether.  One of the thumbsticks has no spring left in it at all, and after trying them out with the games, the other has absolutely no deadzone.  Characters walk/face up even when the stick is not being pushed in that direction at all.  It was certainly a waste of $10 for those, but I guess you can’t win them all.  Maybe they can be salvaged for parts or for some sort of artistic venture.  Here is a photo of the worst of the two (this one’s cord also has exposed wiring from what looks like tears or bite marks.)  It’s hard to see from the angle of the photo, but you can see the thumbstick hanging off-centre.


I am happy for a chance to finally try out Pikmin for the very first time, and to also see beautiful and crisp renditions of four classic Zelda games.  When I started up the Zelda disc, there was some fun bonus content there that I wasn’t expecting  including a preview for The Wind Waker, a retrospective video that showed game footage from many of the Zelda games up to the Collector’s Edition’s release date, as well as some other cool little things.  I was quite pleased to discover that!  Speaking of discoveries (or rather rediscoveries), in trying out Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link again for the first time in ages, I have a burning passion to finally finish that game.  I might take that up soon.  I’m debating whether to play this version or my NES cartridge, though.

Thanks for reading!


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15 Responses to $10 GameCube Games and the Controllers from Hell

  1. That was a good find on the Zelda: Collector’s Edition disc – the original Zelda, Ocarina (and the remastered dungeons), and Majora’s Mask?

    I really admire the way you hunt down these deals, but I couldn’t do it – the condition of these things (the scratched discs, the battered boxes, the mauled controllers) just makes me sad! Why don’t people take better care of their games?!

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Thank you! I was pretty excited about it. And yes, you’re right about the games that come on it.

      I know exactly what you mean and I get all of those negative feelings as well when I find discs/cases in bad shape. I especially feel awful when I see game cartridges with torn labels. My childhood games are in pristine condition, and I can’t imagine what some people put their games/consoles/accessories through! I’m not trying to brag, but it certainly doesn’t take much effort to make sure that stuff doesn’t get destroyed completely!

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  2. Matt says:

    One of my three GC controllers also lost the rubber of its analog stick. =/

    The good thing is you got some great games!

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  3. I can’t understand what people do to controllers to make them end up in that state. Take care of your toys people!

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  4. LightningEllen says:

    Sorry to hear about the problems with the deal you scored. I’m planning on trying my copy of Zelda II after I’m finished with Metroid. I’ve heard horror stories about the difficulty level so I’m a bit scared, lol

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      It is harder than many games I’ve tried to beat in the past. There are several unforgiving factors like plopping you back at the very beginning when you game over, and it’s not like the first Zelda where you can just saunter your way back mostly unscathed, either! I honestly think it’s just practice, but I’m out of practice. The music is great and the gameplay is fun once you get the hang of it. I hope you enjoy it!

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  5. Mr. Panda says:

    That Zelda: Collector’s Edition is an excellent find! I had one from back in the day, and had to do some pre-Club Nintendo online things to get it delivered to me. Although I played through all of it, I somehow lost it, which makes me sad. I wish I knew where it was. It’s such a collector’s item, and it saddens me that it’s missing. Aye aye aye at that controller…

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I wonder what kind of hoops you had to go through to get it! I guess because there are Not for Resale copies of it that some of them must’ve come along with later console releases, but was yours a separate entity? I’m so sorry you lost it. That has to be the very worst feeling. 😦

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      • Mr. Panda says:

        No, I actually got it the way as intended, which was to enter some code from a game on Nintendo’s website and get the game for free. I want to say that it was Club Nintendo, but before the Club Nintendo that we know now (and is sadly gone). I’m sad that it’s lost, but at least I got to enjoy it. Thanks to the Ambassador Program, I have all four of those games on the 3DS anyway now, haha. So that’s a bright light at least.

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  6. I was very happy to see that bonus footage as well when booting up the Zelda collector’s edition. It made me remember how much I totally need Windwaker, and I really enjoyed the look back at many of the Zelda games. I should be getting my memory card today, so I will actually be able to dig into some games for the holiday break, lol.

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  7. peterbroad says:

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