Neo Geo MVS

My boyfriend has really taken a liking to a Neo Geo games ever since he modded his first Xbox a few months ago and installed CoinOPS.  He has discovered games like Neo Turf Masters and Baseball Stars 2, but has also gone back to old classics like the Metal Slug games.  This development has fueled his blazing interest in arcade machines.  I mentioned a few months ago that he was in the process of building an arcade cabinet himself to house a small broadcast video monitor we had found, and the plan was to hook up some of our modded consoles to it to play games that way.  Well, plans have changed a bit upon discovering the possibility of installing Neo Geo guts into this thing, and that possibility became a reality last week!

It all started when my boyfriend posted an ad on the local classifieds site asking if anyone nearby might have some Neo Geo stuff that they were willing to part with.  He was looking for games or hardware to play them on, and he was specifically after a Multi Video System (MVS), which is essentially arcade guts.  This is different from the home console version that goes by Advanced Entertainment System (AES), and is just a naked board with a game slot on it that you can “consolize”.  This was the most inexpensive option since AES versions of the Neo Geo are ridiculously expensive, and its games are ludicrously priced.  For me to say ludicrously priced, it has to be pretty bad, and it is.  Depending on the game, some Neo Geo AES games can go for anywhere from $50 to $10 000 if they are complete with their instruction manual.

Like an angel from above, a person responded to my boyfriend’s ad and said that he had a one slot Neo Geo MVS available.  Other people had four slot MVSs available, but a four slot is bulky  and much more than we probably wanted to pay for need.  We were looking for something a little more streamlined.  Here is a photo of the board, and a second one showing the cartridge slot.


Conveniently, the person selling is also a huge arcade buff and had a few games he was willing to part with.  My boyfriend was extremely interested in Metal Slug 3, an awesome run and gun game that is part of a well-loved series in the arcade community.   The best part?  It came complete with its entire kit, including marquee inserts and the instruction sheet for DIP switches that can be adjusted to change variables within the game.


I can’t get over how much bigger these cartridges are compared to the ones that I’m used to.  They are monsters!  Here’s a comparison between the Neo Geo cartridge and a SNES cartridge.  In the bottom photo, you can see the small SNES cartridge board contacts compared to the massive double Neo Geo boards.


We are well on our way to having an up-and-running Neo Geo MVS, but a few things are still required and are on their way in the mail.  The first thing we are waiting for is a supergun.  The supergun allows the MVS board to be used without an actual arcade cabinet setup and facilitates signal output from the MVS board and game to a monitor.  Conveniently for us, it can output in RGB, which is why we are also waiting for a SCART cable to arrive.  Because Neo Geo controllers are so difficult to come across, we decided to get some Neo Geo to Sega controller converters.  That way, we can use Sega Genesis controllers to play the games, but my boyfriend is also ordering standard arcade buttons as well.

The long story short is that soon we will have not only a working, legitimate arcade machine for our cabinet, but we will also have the availability to hook up games using modded consoles.  The best part is that they’re all going to look amazing on our broadcast video monitor for a true retro gaming experience.

I will post more on the cabinet itself when it is complete.  There are still a lot of little things left to finish!

Thanks for reading, as always.



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17 Responses to Neo Geo MVS

  1. Mr. Panda says:

    As always, I am impressed by what you and your boyfriend are doing with these gaming machines and all the tech inside. I have very little experience with Neo Geo, especially of the arcade variety, so I look forward to hearing more about this. Very excited for you and what this cabinet will bring!

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  2. LightningEllen says:

    Damn, those cartridges are huge! Wow…

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      They’re super heavy too! You can tell that they weren’t made for the average consumer. The case is plain and seems much more fragile than regular cartridges. They were meant to go inside of an arcade cabinet and stay in there long term. It’s so neat to have one!

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  3. hundstrasse says:

    Looks amazing! Would be great to see the final setup once it’s all done. ☺️

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  4. benez256 says:

    Wow, your boyfriend is great! I look forward to see the complete cabinet! Just yesterday I was reading a piece about SNK consoles and BOOM! you talk about them! 🙂

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      No kidding! I think people are finally starting to take notice of SNK stuff for what it is: awesome! I’ve watched so much gameplay of Neo Geo games, and they look absolutely amazing. It’s a shame that their home console was so expensive or else I’m sure they would’ve done much better in the long run.

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  5. I grew up playing SNK and Neo Geo games in the arcades back in the late 80s and I was shocked by how expensive the Neo Geo home console was when I asked for one for Christmas. I just wanted an arcade-perfect port of Samurai Shodown, but noooooo lol. Neo Geo has such an incredible library of games, but you really have to dig deep in your wallet for it.

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    • On the bright side, at least DotEMU has been bringing their emulated ports of SNK Neo Geo games to PS4. We just got The Last Blade 2, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and the Metal Slug collection. I think we’re getting Windjammers next year too, which is rad!

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      It’s a bit ridiculous just how much they want for that sort of thing! The arcade stuff is likely to jack up in price any day now. That’s partially why we’re pouncing now, just to be safe! Did you manage to ever find that Samurai Shodown experience again despite not getting a true Neo Geo?


      • Definitely strike while the iron is hot.

        They did release the Neo Geo version emulated on PS4, along with Samurai Shodown VI. The PSP had a Samurai Shodown Collection with 1-5 or 1-6 on it as well.

        As a kid though, the Genesis version was the only good one. It had the camera zoom feature the arcade version had, where it’d zoom in the closer your fighters were to one another, but the SNES couldn’t handle the zoom and forced you to play zoomed out at all times. Kinda lame.

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