Quelle Suprise

My boyfriend has been having some trouble with his Neo Geo MVS.  The sound fades away entirely after two minutes, so he has been doing some tinkering to see if he can fix it.  After trying a capacitor replacement with no luck, he was fiddling around with the BIOS chip for fun and decided to remove it.  Well, he found a little something underneath it that he wasn’t expecting.

Here’s some photos of the board with the – gasp! – pentagram…

A pentagram, eh?  I wonder why on earth that would be there.  I’ve searched online and can only find one other photo from a retro website of the same thing on another Neo Geo board with no explanation at all.  Any search I’ve made about pentagrams and electronics has only let me to satanic-based sites, so I’m done filling up my Google search memory with that topic!  I’m genuinely curious as to whether or not the people at the factory were super into metal music or whether there’s something else at play there.  For the time being, I’m hoping (maybe praying?) that the floor beneath me doesn’t open up to the fiery pits of Hell.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?  It’s clearly not just a one-off thing and was printed on the board with the other labels.  It’s not as if the BIOS chip is something that is normally removed, so why put there at all?  So interesting!

As always, thanks for reading!


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18 Responses to Quelle Suprise

  1. Mr. Panda says:

    The Illuminati! Just kidding. It reminds me of that other one you got with the video game characters on it. Maybe this is supposed to represent a Starman? Haha. You find the most interesting stuff!

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  2. Good Lord, Satan created the Neo Geo?! This is Pony Island all over again.

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  3. benez256 says:

    Wow! Maybe you discovered an hidden secret doomed to be forgotten…

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  4. LightningEllen says:

    I’d love to know the reason for the pentagram. I’ve never seen one on a circuit board before. They certainly didn’t mention that being a symbol for anything when I took my electronics course.

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  5. That is really weird – extra strange for being hidden from sight! Hopefully someone will stumble across this post and provide a logical explanation… until then we assume that SNK were/are devil worshippers.

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  6. Geek alert! If it doesn’t have a circle around it, it’s just a five pointed star so I think you should be okay 😊 I’m still curious why it’s there though.

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