Hiding in Plain Sight

With work picking up at full speed for me, I’ve been exhausted and have barely had time to get through emails, never mind sit down and write a proper post about some of the goodies I’ve run across lately.  Here is the story of some of the things I found hiding in plain sight at a local hock shop!

My boyfriend is always drawn to games that use the light gun and any and every arcade-type game, so Vigilante and Marksan Shooting & Trap Shooting for the Sega Master System were right up his alley.  These games have been sitting on this store’s shelf for almost a whole year, and the store owner was happy to cut the price in half for us.  We got each game for $10, but the manuals were missing.  I’m pretty sure the gameplay is self-explanatory, though!  The game boxes and cartridges look to be in good shape, though SMS games are a little ugly overall compared to the interesting box/cartridge art of NES games and those of other 8-bit consoles of the time.


The second thing we found at the store was a copy of Snoopy and the Red Baron for the Atari 2600.  I don’t usually collect a lot of Atari since we got such a huge lot from someone last April and are quite satisfied with what we have (never thought you’d hear me say that, did ya?!), but I absolutely adore Peanuts and have lots of paraphernalia from the series (mugs, window decals, toys, crochet projects, etc.)  I found out after picking the game up for $10 that it’s actually one of the rarer titles for the system, which always excites me.  The label is a little faded/damaged (might be water staining?) but it’s still very obviously that game.  I can’t wait to pop it in and try it out!  I’m trying to find a way to remove the ink from the label as well.  Maybe some Windex will do it.  I’ve had luck with that in the past!


I finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time last year and enjoyed the game tremendously.  Though it’s not my favourite by a long shot, I love the Zelda franchise and happened to stumble upon a ceramic ocarina in its box. I’m assuming it is a third party product since I saw no Nintendo endorsement anywhere on the packaging, though there is art of Link and Sheik on the box.  It came with a fingering chart and some scales to practice, as well as some sheet music for some easy songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb.  I play by ear so the sheet music is of little use to me, but it’s nice to see that sort of thing included for anyone that can handle the evasive art of music reading.

After a semi-thorough washing, I cautiously put my lips to the mouthpiece and had at it for a little while.  Like my ability at most instruments, it’s passable but nothing special.  I played woodwind instruments in a few high school bands back in the day – clarinet fingerings are burned into my brain.  It’ll be hard to adapt if I ever want to get serious about it, but I can’t imagine ever seriously wanting to play the ocarina.  If I were seriously invested in learning this instrument, I’d probably find a wooden one for a more authentic, earthy sound (this one sounds a bit like a wretched recorder.)  Despite the potential for some practical use out of it, I think this ocarina will be nice to bust out on a rare occasion but will mostly make for a nice shelf piece.

I hope many awesome retro games start to wiggle their way out of the woodwork soon.  Picking up these few games lately has me itching to find more great games again!

Thanks for reading!


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15 Responses to Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. Whilst it came with some music, I suspect that ocarina was designed to be an ornament rather than one to be played much. It’s a pretty cool find though!

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  2. benez256 says:

    Wow, Atari’s Peanuts look wonderful! I hate when people write on game labels but if it weren’t for this it would have been like mint conditions!

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  3. I had no idea there was a Peanuts game for the Atari! What a wonderful find. I’ve seen that deep blue ocarina around the interwebs myself, but was worried it would too much like a recorder, too. Hm, it looks like a wooden one will run around $30 (I also found one shaped like a Pokeball. I love you internet). Oh my lord…there’s one for around $1500, too :O I’m sure it sounds like angels singing…or it better. I’m not great at reading music either even when I was in school taking classes or when I took piano lessons. I’d read enough to memorize the song then just sing or play it by memory. I remain forever fascinate by anyone who can just sit down and play something by reading the sheet music.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I’m pretty excited to play the Peanuts game. It’s literally Snoopy riding his doghouse and shooting at a plane.

      I would hope that for $1500 that something would sound like the voices of angels!!! Good lord!! I was that horrible person that wrote in the notes on the sheet music and clapped out my rhythms until I got it down. I used to dread the band director asking my section to play because he’d often call me out for not playing on the spot if I hadn’t learned the song yet. I had a friend who was a fully trained pianist and I brought him music to play one day and he played it perfectly without having ever seen or heard it before. I was so blown away by that too.

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      • I’m thinking it’s like a legitimate instrument, perfectly refined and tuned. There’s a music store around here, and a decent violin runs around $500. I would love to learn the cello. Strings are my favorite music group, and if I had to pick, I’d have to choose the cello. That low mellow sound is so gorgeous. As for the ocarina, I may go for the $30. Alas, I don’t have premium ocarina money.

        Omg I’d die if that happened to me D: I have a friend with perfect pitch. I will never stop being impressed by that. The only “trick” I can do is to transpose music automatically when I sing. So if there’s a song that’s too high or low for me, I can start on a better note and sing it from there. I never thought that was overly impressive, but my perfect pitch friend couldn’t understand how I could do it lol.

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        Oh perfect pitchers make me so envious! That’s a skill I wish I had, but I’m already cringing at music when it’s out of tune. I can’t imagine how people with perfect pitch feel about that!

        I used to dabble in violin at points in my life, and I truly miss it. I’ve always felt compelled to take proper lessons for it, but it’s something that I’m always going to feel limited with unless I can finally get my head around reading music. Piano is the same for me. And you should totally learn the cello. If I had slightly bigger hands and could handle the calluses on my fingertips from the larger strings, I’d be all over learning that one!

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      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who cringes at out of tune music/singing/whistling. I’m the only person in my family who can whistle on key, and it drives me up the wall when I hear the off key of it hehe. Not that I’m not flat at times; then I berate myself.

        I played violin, too! Back in elementary school, but I was never as good as I am at the piano, which I can still play fairly well (if I had time to practice, I’d obviously be even better). I have pretty long fingers, which is super useful for piano, and it sounds like it would be good for cello, too! Hn, maybe I could use my writing callouses, though that would be a bit awkward since they’re on the side of my right middle finger, and I’d finger with my left hand since I’m right handed (?)

        Ah! Speaking of reading music, I got the chance to test it that out today. There was this meme (I suppose) going around Facebook called “2017 Inauguration March) then it had sheet music. It only took me a few seconds to realize it was the Imperial March from Star Wars lol!

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  4. LightningEllen says:

    You should play the Song of Time just to see what happens 🙂

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  5. Mr. Panda says:

    An Ocarina! So awesome! I’ve always thought about owning a Zelda Ocarina, but I know I wouldn’t play it, haha. Still, great finds!

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