Odds and Ends – Nintendo Stuff

With the first day of Spring come and gone, gaming-related things are slowly starting to wiggle out of the woodwork again!  Much to my delight, lots of Nintendo games and accessories have found their way to me, and we’ve even made a new comrade in the process.

When we visited a flea market recently and found a bunch of Sega Genesis stuff, we also found a copy of Rampart for NES.  I first discovered the real time strategy game while watching Pat Contri and Ian Ferguson’s Annual NES Marathon.  I had felt a little mesmerized by Rampart and had felt like I needed more of it when they turned the game off and went onto the next one.  It looked so fun to play with someone else or even against the computer!  The premise is that you build up a base by placing walls and cannons for a few minutes, and then your bases battle it out.  I have no idea what the end goal is, but it looked like something I might enjoy.  The cartridge was beautiful, but a little more than I wanted to pay at $20.  I sucked it up because we were getting such a good deal on other stuff that day.

In addition to Rampart, I also found a copy of Metroid on eBay for a screamin’ deal.  I ordered from an ad that said that the copy of the cartridge I’d receive may not be the same condition as the game in the photo, and I was unpleasantly surprised to find that they sent me the later game release with the yellow label rather than the traditional grey one.  That’s what I get for trusting humans on the internet to read my mind about exactly what I want!  Regardless, the cartridge was still in great shape, and there were no substantial changes to the game itself between release versions.  Buying Metroid was singlehandedly driven by my experience reading about LightingEllen‘s quest to finish the game late last year, and her thoughts about it in a post here.  I’m excited to be able to turn into a little ball and take the plunge into a very well-loved series I have yet to experience at all.

A local shop was also selling a few odds and ends, and one of them was a four player adapter for Game Boy.  This one will be hard to try out considering that my childhood Game Boy’s screen is detached… the glue completely dried up.  Thankfully my boyfriend’s is still intact, but that leaves us a second player short.  We just need to find another Game Boy friend!  There were actually a lot of Game Boy games released that are compatible with the four player adapter, but it doesn’t appear that we own many of them.  Damn my love or solitary gaming experiences.  Maybe some day!


The store was also selling an e-Card Reader, but I didn’t pick it up.  I’m not really sure how it works or where to get cards for it.  Thoughts?

Back to Game Boy games!  I found a copy of Sword of Hope for a reasonably decent price of $18 on eBay, and it came to me all the way from Germany.  There was a copy of the game here in town for $20, and when I had asked the hock shop owner if he’d come down to $15 (the game had literally been there for years and even had a faded price tag on it), he said no!  I was shocked!  I wish them the best of luck selling that game for $20, or maybe for even more now since he said that the price had gone up on the game when checking “his sources”.  I’m pretty sure he mistook the game for the second installment, Sword of Hope 2, which is considerably more expensive for reasons unbeknownst to me.  Oh well.  At least I have a copy now, and for less than $20 shipped.  The game plays similarly to Shadowgate or Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (another game I want to play!) where you have a first person perspective and move through various locations.  Sword of Hope has RPG elements like weapons and armour, as well as spells from what I can tell.  I look forward to its vagueness!  You’ve gotta love the cartridge art: dragon eyeball and a sword.  It can’t get more epic quest-like than that.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that we might have made a friend recently, but I suppose friend is a loose term.  After answering a classifieds ad, we met another collector in town: an 18-year-old guy with at least two walls and several cupboards full of games!  Initially we had responded to his ad for some GameCube games including Kirby’s AirRide, and Metroid Prime.  I’m not usually into first person shooters, but after reading many, many positive thoughts about Metroid Prime, I decided to dive in.  Both games came complete with their manuals, and the discs were in relatively good shape.  While testing out the Kirby game, I couldn’t help but let a few squees escape me as the adorable little Kirby drove his adorable little star with his adorable little Kirby-like compadres.  So cute!  I think it’s hilarious how you only have to push buttons to brake and steer, and that otherwise your character is on autopilot.  Despite the seeming simplicity of the game mechanics, I am just awful.  Practice, practice, practice!


The collector we met said he had a bunch of stuff available that he hadn’t listed yet and sent me some photos to look through.  We first offered him a trade that he refused, so we ended up scaling back our list and only buying up a few more things from him.  We got Mega Man X for SNES, as well as Cobra Triangle and Friday the 13th for NES (I thought of you, Cheap Boss Attack!).  Friday the 13th and Mega Man X’s labels were only in okay condition with a bit of peeling, but it’s nothing that a little glue won’t fix right up.  Everything is working great.  My boyfriend is very excited for some boating shenanigans with Cobra Triangle, which does honestly look like a lot of fun.  Everything that runs on that 45 degree/faux 3D angling reminds me of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure, and I’m quite fine with that.


I might have mentioned it before, but Mega Man X was one of the only games I have ever sold in my life.  In my 20s, I had bought it to play with a then-friend of mine, and we eventually parted ways in the worst way possible.  Because the game continually reminded me of the memories from that friendship and because I had no intention of playing it again at the time, I had sold it to someone for $10 and had even delivered it across town to be rid of it.  Having had some time to grow from that point in my life, I’m quite happy to own a copy of it now and will hopefully make some new memories with it.  I don’t know that I’ll be gunning to get my hands on X2 an X3 any time soon considering their price tags, but if the price is right, maybe!  Either way, I won’t feel so guilty about leaving it behind anymore.

Because our collector friend wouldn’t take our trade, we missed out on a few CIB games that I was hoping to play sometime for the Sega Genesis.  These included Dynamite Headdy, Rocket Knight Adventures, Dungeons and Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, as well as The Jungle Book.  On the bright side, we are going to a game swap this coming weekend so I might find some of those games there.  What I’m really hoping for is to trade someone some games for Phantasy Star IV or Shining Force II.  I’d also trade for Skies of Arcadia as well.  Here’s hoping!

I hope you’re all enjoying this nice, sunny Thursday.  Thanks for reading!


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20 Responses to Odds and Ends – Nintendo Stuff

  1. I hadn’t seen that Metroid game art before. The version I have is the 8-bit pixel art version. Is that the standard US cover?


    • hungrygoriya says:

      I don’t believe so. I think it was just a re-release of the game from 1993, so they slapped a different label on the front. I’ve seen the 8-bit grey pixel art version far more often than I’ve seen this one. I actually thought I’d been mailed a bootleg before looking into it and opening it up.

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  2. Mr. Panda says:

    Nice finds as always! I’m especially excited about your new GCN games! I don’t like first person shooters either, but the first Metroid Prime is one of the few I’ve ever enjoyed. I think part of it is it’s more like a first-person adventure as opposed to a hardcore shooter, if that makes sense. The focus is on traditional Metroid elements. Also, nice job on getting Sword of Hope! I think I played the second one on 3DS Virtual Console, so I’d be surprised if the second one would be as expensive either.

    And about the e-Reader, it’s a nice collector’s item, and I’m glad I have it. I didn’t do much with it though, partly because Nintendo didn’t. It might be difficult to get some of the eCards they released. The only ones I ever picked up were some NES game eCards (which I assume has little value since those games have been rereleased over and over), Animal Crossing cards that only work with the GCN game, Super Mario Bros. 3 cards that unlocked special bonuses in the GBA version (though again, Nintendo wisely released those bonus levels as part of the SMB3 Advance package on Wii U VC), and my personal favorite, Mario Party e. It’s an actual tabletop board game that utilizes the e-Reader for minigames.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I’m so glad to hear that Metroid Prime is going to be awesome when I get around to playing it! The Metroid series is always one I’ve wanted to jump into, and now I own the NES, SNES and GC versions. Maybe I’ll have to do a Metroid-a-thon after I make it through my SMS games.

      Ahhh maybe I’ll have to check back about the e-Reader then. I am going to a swap tomorrow (eeee!!!) so I will see if I can find any cards around. If there’s anywhere I’ll be able to find them, it’ll be there!

      Thanks for your kind words, as always 😀

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      • Mr. Panda says:

        Of course! Enjoy Metroid! And again, don’t expect e-Reader to be amazing, but it’s a cool little device to have, especially if you can find those cards. The only Nintendo device I have that’s more useless is the Pokemon Mini, which plays Tiger Electronics-like mini games while costing neatly $100, hahaha!

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  3. thedeviot says:

    Don’t despair, the reprinted Metroid is actually worth a little more than the original Grey label version. So you actually made out better! Though, again, with label variants one runs the danger of completionism. 😉

    To save money on the Mega Man games, do what I did when buying Mega Man 7! Buy the Super Famicom versions instead. You don’t need to know Japanese to play them, and they cost a fraction of what the Super Nintendo versions do at this point.

    Nice score though!

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  4. LightningEllen says:

    I never trust humans trying to sell me things, haha. Thank you so much for the shout out! I can’t wait to find out what you think of the NES Metroid 🙂

    Metroid Prime is on my top 10 all-time favourite games list! FPS is one of my least favourite genres, but I loved this game so much. I really hope you like it. Good luck at the game swap! I’m looking forward to reading about all the awesome things you find there.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Hey no problem! Late last year you were suddenly a girl after my own heart by tackling two games I was really interested in playing through myself, so I wanted to share your adventure!

      With so much support for Metroid Prime here, I’m pumped to try it out. It’s crazy because its price tag doesn’t reflect its “goodness”. I’ve seen the game going for as cheaply as $15 complete online sometimes. I’m glad I got it for a good price!

      And thanks for the luck. The swap is tomorrow so I’m trying to get everything planned and get all my trades together as well as pricing out my spending budget and wishlist. As excited as I am to go, all I feel like doing is having a tea and hanging around in my pajamas. It’s been a seriously busy week/end and I’ll be happy when I’m home tomorrow night with all my (hopefully) excellent new games!

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  5. Kuribo says:

    Metroid Prime is a great pick-up and while not rare or valuable (at least not the last time I checked), it really is a great game and you can play it at your own pace so don’t be scared by it being an FPS. I really enjoyed it and am bad at FPS’s too! I always enjoy reading about your video game finds and am in awe of how many great deals you’re able to get!

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Awww well thank you! I’m seeing a lot of love for Metroid Prime, so I’m hoping it’s as good as everyone is saying it is. In a way, it’s good that I’m years and years late to the Metroid Prime party because everyone else has had a chance to try it on for size and get me pumped up for it!

      I’m headed to a swap tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have some new and exciting things to report about. It seems like I don’t have enough time in my days lately to keep up with everything I need to, so it’s nice to be making some time to do something for me!

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      • Kuribo says:

        It is funny we’re talking Metroid too because I’m about to write an article about a Metroid Prime era figure 🙂
        You are very welcome and I think you’re right. If people still think of the game fondly then that is a great sign as far as if the game is worth playing or not. I wish you luck at the swap and I’m looking forward to your next article 🙂

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        Thank you! I’m looking forward to hearing about your Metroid Prime era figure as well!

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    • thedeviot says:

      I also recommend getting the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii/WiiU you get all three games, and the pointer controls basically equate to mouselook. It makes the games play like PC First Person Shooters, meaning it is much easier to aim while running around. The GCN controller was serviceable, but at least for me, playing the Wii re-releases made them even easier to play, as stick aiming is clunky. Mouse aiming is seamless. The pointer comes pretty close to the smoothness, and responsiveness of a mouse.

      Plus the games are 480p by default rather than forcing you to track down an expensive Gamecube component cable. The Wii U in Wii mode makes this look even better thanks to the digital HDMI signal. Of course if you don’t have a Wii or Wii U this is all moot, and pick up the first two primes if you see them.

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        I do have a Wii and a Wii U, so I will be on the lookout for that compilation. Isn’t it super rare? I haven’t looked into it much, but that’s what’s ringing a bell for me.

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      • thedeviot says:

        There were two releases. The original release was a limited run, it came in a metal tin, included a plastic sleeve, and concept art book inside with the games. Almost a year after going out of print, Gamestop got a stock Wii version which was just the game, in a standard White Wii game case.

        The initial release is harder to come by, and goes for a bit more than the reissue. It isn’t nearly as expensive as it used to be, expect to pay about $50 for an incomplete copy (Used to be as high as $80), and the reissue hovers between $30-$40.

        Personally I recommend trying to find the original release since the bonus materials are pretty great. But if you can’t, the reissue is pretty common right now, though they’re slowly beginning to dry up. Most of the Gamestops in my area list them as low stock, which usually means one copy left.

        Good luck, and happy hunting!

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        Thank you for the info!

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  6. I was going to explain about the e-Reader to you, but Mr. Panda already did a nice job of that 🙂 I agree with him, it’s neat to have, even if there isn’t a whole lot to do with it. I have many of the NES card packs that they released for it, and I thought it was so cool how they managed to put complete NES games on cards! I also have many of the Animal Crossing cards that they released as well as Mario Party-e game that Mr. Panda mentioned 🙂

    And yay for Kirby’s Air Ride! My husband and I played that game so much when it came out. He actually bought it for me which, back in 2003 when we dating and completely broke, was pretty awesome! 🙂

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