“Wiiiiiii!” she exclaimed delightedly she rode the New Game Train.

I’m not much of a title person.  Can you tell?

Lately I’ve been perusing the classifieds quite a bit because there have been more and more ads popping up as people clear out the cobwebs from their basements and cottages.  I saw an ad for a few Wii games appear, and it was conveniently for the three Wii games I’ve been seeking for a while.  I don’t have a lot of Wii games and my checklist for the console is pretty small, so to kill three birds with one stone felt too good to be true.

Now, before I go on about what I actually bought this time around, I wanted to get this off my chest: this particular purchase was actually a really weird experience for me.  After contacting the seller and agreeing on a price, he asked me to meet him at his high school.  As a nearly 31-year-old woman, I felt totally weird and creepy meeting up with someone so young to exchange cash for goods on school property during school hours, but he refused my attempts to arrange a meeting time elsewhere.  Despite getting the willies over the meeting, I am happy I did it in the end because the games were well-loved and exactly what I was looking for.  The first two I’ll mention are Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Pikmin 2.


Animal Crossing games are slowly starting to add up in my collection.  I have a copy of the original GameCube game as well as Wild World on DS.  I haven’t heard much about City Folk, but I always enjoy finding games for a deal.  This game was only $5, and it came complete with its manual and was in reasonably decent shape.  I’m not sure when I’ll get around to playing this one since I’m struggling to resolve the guilt I feel around abandoning my first town on the GameCube just last year.  The number of weeds there must be atrocious, and thinking about it makes me cringe.  I’m also still feeling bitter about being cornered by K.K. Slider that first Saturday night I tried to talk to him and was suddenly stuck listening to his song for 5 whole minutes.  I’m not sure I’m ready yet.

The Pikmin 2 game was a really exciting thing to run across.  I own the first Pikmin game on GameCube and had been interested in getting the second game for months now, but I hadn’t been able to find a reasonably priced GameCube copy.  After doing a bit of research to distinguish the difference between the GC and Wii releases, I found out that many people actually liked the control changes on the Wii and recommended the game over the original release.  It was also helpful that the game was being sold for $20, which was an absolute steal given its going rate everywhere I’ve seen it ($60+).  I might end up playing the Pikmin games between RPGs if I can ever get around to finishing those!

The third game I found was Kirby’s Dream Collection (Special Edition), a compilation I’ve wanted to own for many years.  I originally passed up buying a used copy from EB Games a long while ago for $10, and I’ve regretted it ever since.  Looking back on things, this regret came at a time in my life where I didn’t own a single Kirby game, and now I own almost all the games on the compilation with the exception of Kirby’s Dreamland 3.  Things have definitely changed!  Because I never plan to purchase Kirby’s Dreamland 3 for the SNES unless I find it at a garage sale for dirt cheap (it’s a $100 cartridge!), the Wii bundle will have to do.  In addition to the games, what I loved about the idea of the Dream Collection was the music CD soundtrack.  I can’t wait to pop it in and have a listen.


A little aside on the topic of music CDs: I recently found a sealed copy of the Super Mario History Soundtrack CD that I have no intention of opening (no photo here since the wrap makes the already difficult gold-on-red font even harder to read.)  After listening to the tracks on YT, I’m honestly a little disappointed.  All they did was release one song from each of the Super Mario Bros. games released to date at the time, but didn’t do anything new with them.  If I want to hear the Ground/Athletic Themes from any of the Mario games, I’ll just pop in the game and play it.  I much prefer re-orchestrations or re-imaginings of these classic tunes in the same vein as what they did with The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD.  I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t do more for its flagship franchise’s 25th anniversary celebration, but I digress.  Aside complete!

The only thing missing from the Kirby compilation was the cardboard sleeve (meh) and the art book.  I asked the seller if he had it lying around somewhere and had forgotten to include it, but it turns out that it was given away to a friend.  Oh well.  There is lots of Kirby art online.  He is just the cutest, and I would pinch his cheeks all day long if I could.  For the low, low price of $20, I couldn’t pass this one up either.

In extremely exciting news, I am heading out of town this weekend to visit an old friend of mine from high school.  He has an enormous game collection that he has been amassing for years and was considering selling it last year when I had sent him an email checking in.  Soon after we spoke, his wife had their first baby and as a result, everything has been pushed to now.  In the meantime he has sent me some photos, and there are some truly excellent things in there.  I won’t spoil much, but if he is still willing to sell, I might be able to obtain some true rarities and gems.  What’s killing me is that he’s only sent me photos of half of what he has.  There’s still 50% I know nothing about!

The suspense is killing me.

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy the slide down to the end of the week from Hump Day.  Hopefully I will have some new and exciting updates around the bend.

Thanks for reading, as always!


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24 Responses to “Wiiiiiii!” she exclaimed delightedly she rode the New Game Train.

  1. Pikmin! I love Pikmin, it’s such a fun idea for a game!
    On the subject of meeting for the trade, it’s likely the kid being sensible and asking to meet somewhere they know they are safe, good on them I say!

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  2. benez256 says:

    Looks like you’re uptating and modernizing your collection! 🙂 BTW we want pictures of the half collection (I hope) you’ll buy! 🙂

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  3. Geddy says:

    Nice finds! It’s fun to collect for the Wii because most of them are really inexpensive. Even the rarer ones still are in abundance and not more than $25-30 usually.

    I found a Cooking Mama game the other day at Goodwill and couldn’t help but give it a shot. Those games are a lot of fun!


    • hungrygoriya says:

      Ahhh this is good to know. I’m going to have to sit down and really look through what was released for the Wii and extend that list of mine! Cooking Mama sounds like a fun time. I wonder if my mediocre cooking skills could be improved by playing…


  4. LightningEllen says:

    I’m sorry, but your title was awesome! I think you are most definitely a title person 🙂

    I had a similar weird Kijiji experience with an Amiibo trade. I’m 28 and I felt very creepy when the guy turned out to be a 13 year old kid I met in front of a Wal-Mart, lol. I can see how meeting at a high school would totally add to the creepiness feeling factor. Those games seem worth it though! I really need to play a Pikmin game someday.

    Good luck scoring some gems from your friend! I’m excited to see what you get.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Your experience made me feel infinitely better. This guy was probably closer to 16, but I totally know how you felt! Hopefully your trade was worth it as well 🙂

      I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously excited I am on the inside about my friend’s collection. I’ve just got to make it to the weekend, and there’s still two whole days standing between me and seeing what’s in the rest of those boxes. Thank you for the well-wishes, as usual!

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  5. thedeviot says:

    Nice haul. A few Wii games I’d hunt down I know you’d love:

    Dokapon Kingdom. I reviewed this one awhile ago. It’s a pretty cool mash up of Monopoly, Mario Party, and JRPG. Pretty fun stuff.

    Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. It’s Fire Emblem!

    Zack & Wiki: A really cool puzzle game by Capcom

    Muramasa The Demon Blade: A hack n’ slash with RPG elements. The art is something else.

    Epic Mickey, and Epic Mickey 2: Made by Warren Spector’s now defunct Junction Point. Some people didn’t like these due to a sometimes problematic camera. But honestly, I think overall these were really good games. They take a lot of cues from classic CRPGs like System Shock, and meld them with elements of point, and click adventure games, and some traditional adventure games. There’s some light action, and platforming too. There is a TON of Disney love here too. But not just the contemporary stuff. A lot of the content in these games come from some of the more obscure properties. And they both have pretty good storylines, although the second one doesn’t come close to the first in terms of narrative. Though the second one is built for co-op so you can get your boyfriend to try to beat it with you. The game also has a really cool twisted look like the American McGee Alice games. Best of all you can find both ridiculously cheap these days.

    A few to track down even if they’re out of your comfort zone would include:

    Bit Trip Complete: A collection of the Bit Trip indie games. Also includes the OST

    Data East Collection: A collection of Data East Arcade ROMs. Rising in value for some reason.

    Metal Slug Anthology: Damn near every Metal Slug game on one disc! These are great Neo Geo arcade shooters, full of great animations, humor, and are all fairly challenging.

    Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: It’s a Capcom Vs. Fighter. It plays a lot like the classic Marvel Vs. Capcom games, with some underlying differences in the combo system. But you get to play as a lot of really cool classic anime characters. Including the heroes from Gatchaman (Battle Of The Planets in the USA) It’s a lot of fun even if you’re bad at fighters. They also made a TvC Arcade stick for the Wii, which is great for all fighters!

    Mortal Kombat Armageddon: This is a much older Mortal Kombat, as it is a port of a game that came out before even MK Vs. DC Universe. But what makes it fun is that the special moves can be done with gestures on the wiimote. These work really well, and the game even has a tutorial. This makes it really fun for people who aren’t very good at fighters. But you can also plug a classic controller into the wiimote, and play it like a traditional MK game.

    Ghost Squad: This is an AWESOME port of a light gun game by SEGA. There are actually a lot of good light gun ports/games for the system. What makes this one stand out is that it has up to 3 players, and each of the three stages has branching paths that unlock every time you play through it again. Plus it’s dirt cheap. So much fun.

    House Of The Dead Overkill: They also did a two pack of HOTD2, and 3. But this one is really noteworthy. It’s a spin off of the main HOTD games. You still do on-rails light gun shooting. But it lampoons 1970’s exploitation movies in the process. It’s a different take on killing zombies, and aside from one or two sections of slowdown, it’s worth getting.

    Heavenly Guradian: This is a spiritual successor to the widely acclaimed Pocky & Rocky games on the Super NES. It’s a shmup, and plays almost exactly like the other two games, except that (at least for now) it isn’t cost prohibitive. Which leads me to one last one to nab while it’s cheap:

    Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. This is a sequel to Sin & Punishment on the Nintendo 64. Both this, and that game were made by Treasure, a developer of challenging but rewarding shooters, and action games. This one is a third-person shmup in the vein of Star Fox. I reviewed this one a fair amount of time ago. Even if shmups aren’t normally your thing, pick this up while it’s cheap. It’ll run you $8-$10 loose or complete. But many of Treasure’s games seem to spike eventually. They made many great games you’ll never see cheap. Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga are but a few. In another few years it may follow suit. If you end up liking it the original game is still on the Wii Shop Channel as a digital download, or you can import the PAL or JPN N64 Game Pak.


  6. Mr. Panda says:

    That’s awesome! I hope you have an amazing time with your friend (and his collection). 😉 Also nice Wii finds! I never got Kirby’s Dream Collection, so I’m super excited for you that you have it! Animal Crossing and Pikmin games are also great choices. P.S. Your title was awesome. Never change it. Wiiiiiiiiiiii

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  7. I love punny titles and the Wii just lends itself to that so easily. I have a confession. I’ve been haring about Pikmin for years now and I have no clue what kind of game it is! One of my let’s player favorites even does a playthrough of it, and I’m still clueless lol. I should probably remedy this.

    Clandestine exchanges at the high school :p Nah, I’m just messing. He probably just wanted to meet somewhere public that he was familiar with, but I’d feel awkward, too.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I don’t know much about Pikmin either other than what I’ve read or watched in reviews, but it looks like the kind of game I’d like the challenge of.

      And yeah, you’re probably right. I am just overthinking things. Nobody probably thought twice about my presence there!

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      • I tend to be super paranoid myself, because I’m always worried about saying/doing something that might be construed as a faux pas, so I feel your pain. I’ve discovered that we’re almost always our harshest critics in most situations.

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  8. Great games! I love Animal Crossing: City Folk, but I will tell you that the grass wears away the more you walk on it, and it is really annoying! 😦 I have Pikmin 2 on the GameCube, but I’m sure the Wii version is great because of the controls. And I probably don’t even need to tell you how much I love Kirby’s Dream Collection! 😉 I had no idea that Kirby’s Dream Land 3 cartridges are going for $100… wow!

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  9. I hope that collection from your friend is everything it’s hyped up to be, I’m excited to follow the adventure!

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