Hungry Goriya Used Acquire: Playstation 2 and 3

This is the second post in a series called “Hungry Goriya Used Acquire” that serves to highlight the contents of a large game collection I procured from an old high school friend of mine, Joe.  Read here for the backstory.

Thought I’d go about this chronicling in chronological order, did you?  Me too, actually, until I realized that I love retro stuff a ton, and that all the best stuff would have passed early on as I got into the uncharted territories of PS3 and XBox 360 as the terminal consoles acquired in Joe’s Collection.

The game lot did not come with a PS3, which I was thankful for.  We just recently got our very own PS3 for a screamin’ deal from the thrift store and stepped into the world of new(ish) generation gaming.  What was great about that particular PS3 was that it came to us for $20 and made a make-work learning project for my better half as he tore it apart for cleaning purposes.  Anyway, the PS3 games we got from Joe’s collection were all complete and in great condition, but I honestly can’t see myself playing a lot of them myself except for 3D Dot Game Heroes or Little Big Planet.  The other games all fall into genres that I don’t feel would interest me very much, or might be better saved for an experience with a PC.


The Playstation 2 bounty was plentiful in this game lot.  There are a wide variety of titles and several Playstation 2 consoles.  We received a PS2 slim, a PS2 fat unboxed, and one in the box that was so well wrapped that I don’t know if it’s ever been played.  I didn’t bother to take the boxed one out for the photo, but below you can see the three consoles and the plethora of controllers that came along with them (as usual, I’ve left the power and audio/video cables out because they’re ugly.)  There was a wired aftermarket controller that I didn’t bother photographing, but I did include my favourite controller of the bunch: a second aftermarket wireless controller by Logitech (it’s on top of the slim.)  It’s the same as the one I got with my own PS2 on my 16th birthday and I can honestly say it’s the best wireless controller I’ve ever used.  I was really happy to get a second one just in case mine ever kicks the bucket.


An interesting doodad I’d never seen before was the external memory card adaptor (also on top of the slim) that is used to load saves from earlier PS consoles on a PS3.  It connects via a USB cord.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but this might be useful since I do own the backwards compatible PS3 and might like to play my older game saves on the newer system.

Now for the games!  We received over 60 games in total, but some of them were doubles that I’ve put aside and did not include in the photos here.  I’ll start with some of the offbeat titles that didn’t quite fit into the other categories I made up in my head while arranging games for photos.  We have a baseball game, an arcade compilation that I’m sure my boyfriend will adore, and Dog’s Life.  Dog’s Life has been described as a very strange and lackluster experience with at least two controller buttons dedicated to activities surrounding excrement.  I think I might find it interesting at the very least.  I don’t know much about the HD Loader except that it allows you to store whole games on the hard drive of the system so that you don’t need the discs to play anymore.  As a fan of physical media, I don’t know that it’s something I’d be inclined to use unless I had screaming children that were always scratching my games.


Next up we have some obsolete online-only games for the PS2.  The first is Final Fantasy XI and some of its expansion packs/collector’s editions.  The servers for FFXI shut down fairly recently, so unfortunately none of these games are currently playable.  Everquest Adventures is also unable to be enjoyed since the servers for the game shut down in 2012.  Though the box art for all the games is pretty interesting and they come complete with other goodies, I’m not sure if we will keep these ones.  I enjoy playing the games I collect, and we are a bit scarce on shelf space.  We’ve got some pondering to do here.


In order to participate in online gameplay with the Playstation 2, a special hard drive/modem was required.  Though the games are obsolete at this point, we still have a wonderful piece of history in the boxed component and all its instruction manuals and inserts.  It came with another copy of Final Fantasy XI and was practically brand new.  As far as I know it hasn’t been previously installed.  It’s neat to see this stuff!


We also picked up some Final Fantasy games that are actually playable!   I can’t say I know much about Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, but I know that it has a lower price tag than many of the other FF games.  I don’t know if that’s because it’s not a good game or just really common, but I digress.  Final Fantasy X  on the other hand is a game I know well since it was the first FF game I ever played.  I loved it and was moved so much by the story that I can still watch the game’s ending without any other context and it still brings me to tears.  I’ve mentioned in a few places on WordPress that the opening song (To Zanarkand) in the game’s menu is one of my favourite pieces from any video game.  Anyway, I’ve still got my personal copy of FFX from my teens, but it’s nice to see a second one in such nice shape.  I once played through part of FFX-2 but never finished it in part because one of my sisters moved away and took it with her.   And lastly, FFXII was a game I almost finished in its entirety until graduate school happened and I got distracted.  I think my saved game file is right at the final stretch of the game, but I desperately want to start it over again and play it through completely.  I have a guide now which will help me fend off the seemingly endless number of sidequests!  What’s nice about the version we got is that it’s the collector’s edition of the game in a steel case.  I only have the regular edition, so that is also a nice touch!


The RPGs and action adventure games keep coming, and there are some solid finds here. Xenosaga is a game my family once owned, but it was also taken when my sisters moved away.  I’ve heard it’s the most excellent of the series, so I figure I can start with that and see if the others are worth picking up.  Having just recently found Suikoden and Suikoden II at a swap, I was happy to also run across Suikoden IV, though I’ve heard mixed reviews about it.  I was also pleased to see two games from the “Tales” series, Tales of Legendia and Tales of the Abyss pop up.  This game collection has a few other installments in the “Tales” series on other platforms, so it’ll be nice to delve into those sometime as well.  You all know how I feel about Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 since I posted fairly recently about them, but there were two games here that I had never heard of: Ar tonelico and Phantom Brave.  I’ve definitely got some work cut out for me trying to get a handle on what all these games are about!  Anyone played either of those before?

The fun didn’t stop there.  A bunch more really great games of a similar genre were also in those many, many boxes we have cluttering up much of our living space.  The Castlevania game and Rogue Galaxy are both still sealed, which is why they look a little washed out.  Escape from Monkey Island was a fun thing to run across since I’m a huge fan of the series.  I’ve heard a few gripes about this particular installment because of the “ridiculousness” of a point-and-click using the PS2 interface, but I’d be willing to give it a whirl.  The back of the game case for ICO (Ico?) reads like a relative to Quest 64, and I have no idea what to make of it (I’ll put it into the questionable category with Dog Life.)  The game’s box art looks like it doesn’t belong on the PS2 at all, but who am I to judge a game by its cover?  The top row in the photo below is a rockstar lineup: Valkyrie Profile 2, Odin Sphere, and the first two Disgaea games.  I’m looking forward to those!


Along with games in the regular plastic cases came three with cardboard boxes.  For Dragon Quest VIII and Star Ocean: Til the End of time, the boxes only contained the normal plastic case and an extra copy of the manual, but the big box for Growlanser Generations Deluxe contained the game and a bunch of extra goodies including a watch, a deck of cards, and the soundtrack.  That particular iteration of the game usually came with a ring, but that was missing from the box.  Working Designs really knew how to cater to their audience, and to the people who collected their games.  This is the third “big box” game I own now from them, the other two being the two Lunar games for PS1.


Moving away from RPGs and action adventure games leaves us with a little bit of everything else.  Many of these games I’ve heard are excellent, but again, they’re slightly outside of my comfort zone of cushy, linear role-playing games.  One thing I found hilarious was that the three Devil May Cry games are here.  Again.  It seems whenever I get a game lot that includes PS2 games, those are always included.  I’m pretty sure I’m up to at least 5 copies of the first game that I’ve been meaning to give away or sell, and at least my second or third copies of the second and third games.  It’s like a running joke in my head now.  I could make a coffee table out of them!   Do you folks have any recommendations for me out of the two photos below?  I know my boyfriend adores Half-Life but can’t imagine playing it on console.


The last huge bunch of games we got I grouped together because they seemed cartoon-y and a bit more lighthearted than the last bunch I lumped together above.  Katamari Damacy is a game I heard about only last year and have been dying to play.  I haven’t picked it up before now because the price was never right, but it looks like I can finally try it out!  Okami also looks like a really interesting game.  Again, I don’t know much about the others here or which series Mega Man X7 is a part of at the moment, so I’m a little lost on opinions for any of those.  Any insight you guys might have about what’s good would be helpful!


Along with all these games came a few oddities that you don’t normally see hanging around in every collection.  The first was a Guitar Hero II Demo Kit.  Thought it had previously been opened, it came complete with the guitar controller, demo instructions, stickers, pins, the demo game, a cardboard guitar stand, as well as four identical posters as shown below.  This is something that we will likely try to sell so that we can make a little money back after this enormous purchase.  I’m sure there are some completionists out there in the world looking for this very thing.  I’m not sure how many of these were made or still exist, but it’s certainly a nice little piece of history.

One of the things in the best shape we stumbled across was this Tekken 5 fight stick.  The box is unsealed, but everything inside looks as if it has never been unwrapped.  I didn’t take it apart to preserve its minty-ness, but I wanted to add a lovely photo of the box here for your viewing pleasure.  The only memories I have of Tekken growing up are playing against a friend of mine who just spammed the same move at me over and over again.  I feel the same way about playing Tekken as I do about playing Mortal Kombat against my boyfriend.  It’s a fruitless exercise for my ego.


Lastly, we have two more collector’s items: two never-before-opened chainsaw controllers that were sold for use with Resident Evil 4.  I’ve looked at some photos of these online and they look awesome!  They’re painted to look nice and bloody if you’re into that.  This might be another set of items we look to sell because in this condition, I think they’re quite sought after.  We’ll have to see how things go though.  I might want to tear one open and try it out, though we do have another one for another platform that’s already open…

Don’t you love my vague foreshadowing?

So that just about does it for what we got from Joe’s collection for the PS2.  There is certainly a lot here in great shape with quite a few doubles to potentially part with.  It has been nice to be in the presence of some true “collector” items.  Though I think of myself as a video game collector, I certainly never deliberately acquire these rarer items that serve no purpose to me other than to sit in their boxes on a shelf and look nice.  If we choose to sell them, I truly hope that we can find them good homes where they’ll be appreciated by people that are into that and make a bit of cash back!

My PS2 collection to date prior to this purchase was a bit pitiful, mainly consisting of one million different copies of the Devil May Cry games.  I’m happy to see it becoming much more well-rounded.

Thought I have no idea what I’ll post about next from this collection acquisition, stay tuned for the next post in this series.  We still have at least 18 more posts to go!

Thanks for reading!


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32 Responses to Hungry Goriya Used Acquire: Playstation 2 and 3

  1. thedeviot says:

    Great pickup! A lot of those PS2 shmups, and RPGs are slowly inching up in value. Though I highly recommend you get the other two Midway Arcade Treasures volumes. They don’t cost a lot of money, and give you a wealth of great arcade ROMs.

    As for the PS3 games, I think you’ll enjoy 3D Dot Heroes, and DMC4 the most. Resistance is an above average FPS as is Killzone, though they don’t go toe to toe with some of the better computer FPS games. The Star Wars game isn’t terrible, but it isn’t the best either. It only fetches a couple of bucks though, so you may as well try it, and see how you like it. You get to play a Sith lord in training. So there is that. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      My boyfriend does love his arcade games, so that’d definitely be a good buy for us! I always like to find interesting games, so I hope some of the ones I got here will be fun to play. Thanks for commenting as always 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tony says:

    Wow. What a great haul!

    My two cents for what it’s worth: ICO! If I were to pull out one game from that lot, it would be this. If you’ve not experienced the joy of this title, you’ve really missed out on a unique and stunning game.

    Little Big Planet is great on PS3, and Killzone is worth looking at just for what it achieves technically. The game play gets a bit stale, but it pushes PS3 like no other game.

    Oh, and did I mention ICO? You should play it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • hungrygoriya says:

      I’m actually blown away at your recommendation since out of many of these, I’d have probably stuck that one close to dead last because of it’s strange box art and description. Thanks for setting me straight! I’ll definitely take a look at some more resources on the game and see what all the fuss is about. Your opinion is definitely worth plenty to me 🙂

      Though I’m generally terrible at FPS games, I’ll pop it in at some point. Thanks again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Particlebit says:

    Wow this is an impressive haul! I will always look back fondly on the PS2 which had so many great titles. Just seeing all those JRPGS in the pic reminded me of the time I’ve sunk into PS2. PS3 never grabbed me the same way although PS4 has pulled me away from PC lately. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      Thank you! I’m excited to post about the PS1 stuff eventually. I never got to play too much on the PS2 and just recently got a PS3, so I’ve missed out on a lot. I’m glad the photos sent you back in time for a little while.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a formidable collection here! Also – I’d forgotten they ported the original Half-Life to PS2 – it would be interesting to see how that plays.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      As someone who hasn’t been “spoiled” by the PC experience of these games, I’m a pretty good candidate to be unbiased on a first playthrough. I’m looking forward to giving it a go sometime 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Geddy says:

    Holy cow.. that is a BEAUTIFUL collection of PS2 games. It’s like RPG and adventure game heaven! I’ve never even heard of some of them but there are literally zero filler games in that collection. Congrats again on the acquisition!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      Thank you! I’m pretty excited about it, and very glad to hear that there’s not much filler. As someone not entirely familiar with the library, this was a bit of a gamble and it’s nice to know I didn’t get burned!


  6. benez256 says:

    18 posts to go? my heart is melting 🙂 🙂 🙂 So this is only the PS2/PS3 part of the lot! I’ve heard good things about Ico, mainly for its visual department that was quite a thing when it originally came out. As a hige fan of Half-Life I’m glad to see you got a copy of it even though I know FPSs are not your business 😉 I would really like to try how it is on a PS2 since I’ve played it only on PC.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      You’ll have to get a napkin to mop up that melting heart of yours! 🙂 Your enthusiasm makes me smile.

      Yeah, the PS2 stuff was certainly one of the larger bunches of stuff I got. Not every post will be so large and beautiful, but there’s some fun stuff in each of the remaining posts I have planned including some stuff I hadn’t even heard of before buying up this giant game lot.

      Glad to add another tally mark for ICO. I’m intrigued and will need to make a concerted effort to get to it soon, and follow up with Shadow of the Colossus. Everyone seems to love those games!

      I’m also excited for Half Life. My boyfriend adores that series of games and I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl sometime. Hopefully it’s not too difficult with a controller. My boyfriend swears by a mouse for FPS games. I don’t haaate FPS games, but I’m not very good at them. I need some practice!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’ve heard some less than stellar things about Dirge of Cerberus, but what I’ve read about the story itself sound amazing. It’s a prequel to FFVII and talks about how some of the things in the game come into place, which means its heartbreaking. Since I’m in the midst of reviewing World of Final Fantasy, I had to look up one of the cameo characters, and her back story is super disturbing. I don’t know if it was the game’s execution or what soured people on it. I think it may b a FPS? I’m just not sure, but in terms of narrative/back story, it sounds fascinating.

    The same thing happened with me and FFXII! I got so close to the end, but never finished. I don’t think it was grad school for me, though. I forgot why I put it down, but I’ll eventually play it again when I get to it in the numbering.

    I love my fat PS2! It’s easier to put it on its side :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      I’m really curious to know why the reception of Dirge of Cerberus was so bad. It’s a Final Fantasy game, and nothing seems to be able to tarnish that name. I wonder if it’s one of those things like how everyone hates Zelda 2, but I love Zelda 2. I wonder if I’ll be the biggest fan of the game when I get around to it!

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that put down FFXII. Before I started streaming games, I had an awful habit of never finishing them. There’s something so final about those end credits and leaving a game world forever.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It might be a Zelda 2 paradigms! I haven’t played it so I’m really not sure. I believe it’s an FPS and that’s just really weird for Final Fantasy. It’s possible that FF lovers aren’t as into that kind of gameplay? I’ll know more when I watch it.

        I was so close to the end, too! I think I just had to do the final dungeon/final boss, but yeah, it’s weird. I’ve stopped playing VIII around the same point (even though I’ve finished that one) and IX, too! I think it’s because I’m at that point, and I’ve already seen the ending (at least for VIII and IX). With XII I got distracted by something :p

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Sega Dude says:

    Although games like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus haven’t aged super well they were among some of the best games on the PS2. Even if you don’t stick with them you should try them out just so you’ll have experienced them first hand.

    I was big into the PS2 for a long time but I sold all of games. However, I still have my PS2. I wont ever let it go because of the Japanese Sega Ages 2500 Phantasy Star remake. My PS2 is modded so I can play the fan translated English version. I love it to pieces 🙂
    With any luck the fan translation for the remake of Phantasy Star 2 will be patched and playable soon.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what else you got! Any Japanese Sega Mega Drive Games? Sega Genesis Games? Sega Master System games?!! The suspense is KILLING me!! lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      I will definitely be giving ICO and Shadow of the Colossus a go! I adore old games, so I’m sure their poorly aged quality will suit me just fine 🙂

      I will be spoiler-y and say that there was nothing particularly special for the Genesis or for the Master System, unfortunately. No Master System at all, and much of the Genesis was pretty generic. I did get a few games I didn’t have already. I did get a few Japanese GC games, but I don’t know much about them!


  9. LightningEllen says:

    Wow! I’m impressed with all the shiny loot you scored from that deal. I am a huge fan of RE4 but I didn’t know about the chainsaw controllers, haha. FFX was my first Final Fantasy game too! I nearly cried at the end due to a combination of certain events and very sad credit music. Such an awesome game 🙂 I only got about half way through XII before I lost interest in Vaan’s story. I intend to give it another try some day though! I also loved Tales of Legendia and I hope you enjoy playing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      RE4 looks like a fun time. The chainsaw controller that’s opened is terribly uncomfortable. I honestly can’t figure out how to hold it haha… I want to try it with the game but I hear RE is generally scary and I haven’t played the others before it.

      Thanks for your kind words! I’m looking forward to all of these RPGs! So many RPGs.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Mr. Panda says:

    I was going to say something, honest! But this is all I can literally do right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I actually have Dog’s Life, and it’s weirdly entertaining to me. The story is kind of cute, and yes… since you are playing as a dog, you can take a poop and then pick it up and carry it around/ throw it/ whatever. It’s really strange! 😉

    You did get a lot of great games though! I really like God of War!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      For fear of sounding strange, I’ll just make it simple: poop humour is some of my favourite. I’m looking forward to this mechanic!

      I’ve heard such great things about God of War. I don’t know how I’m ever going to make a list of what to play next with so much on it, but it’s definitely there!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha don’t worry, I think it’s hilarious too! I laughed so hard the first time I had the dog take a poop on someone’s car and then throw it at them. Who the hell thought of that, lol!!!

        I understand, there are so many great games I want to play and just need to find time to get to them all!

        Liked by 1 person

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