Hungry Goriya Used Acquire: SNES

This is the thirteenth post in a series called “Hungry Goriya Used Acquire” that serves to highlight the contents of a large game collection I procured from an old high school friend of mine, Joe.  Read here for the backstory.

When I started this blog, one of my major goals was to get my hands on SNES RPGs so that I could enjoy all the games I had completely missed out on.  I’ve amassed quite a few excellent games that I have yet to play (what else is new), and truth be told, there isn’t an exceptionally large number of things I’m still looking for for the console.  Of course there are repros of games that haven’t been released in North America as well as a bunch of others that are just leaps and bounds beyond what I’m willing to pay, but many of the staples are finally there.  Despite this, we still managed to find a few new interesting things for our game collection in Joe’s stuff.  Hang onto your hats, folks!

Like the Dreamcast consoles we got, the SNESes were also not boxed and came loose with no inserts or manuals.  I had been hoping to find an SNES boxed among everything, but heck: at least we got two of them!  The consoles were in great shape and we got a controller along with each of them.  Though it might be difficult to see, the console/controller combo on the left is slightly yellowed compared to the set on the right.


Along with the two consoles above, we also procured a copy of Turtles in Time, a wonderful arcade-style beat ’em up that my boyfriend adores.  He played it recently with a friend and had so much fun that he’s been pestering me to play since.  I played a lot of TMNT: The Arcade Game for the NES growing up and found it so difficult.  A second player in those games always carries me through.  I get distracted pretty often, or lose track of which character I am.  This also happened to me recently playing a Revolution X arcade where you’re just a coloured crosshair targeting weird clone enemies.  If you haven’t heard of that game, you should look it up.  It’s weird and awful but in a hilarious way somhow.  We also got Battle Clash, a futuristic shooter that requires the use of the Super Scope.  This brings me to the next part of the acquisition…

A Super Scope with its sensor and box was also included in the mix of items here.  The thing works pretty great, but I’m not so sure about its design.  It’s huge, and you’ve got to stick your eye in the tiny little crosshairs on top.  It’s like you miss the entire game staring through the little tube.  I’m generally not a fan of light gun games because they’re mostly western-themed or involve shooting other people, but I think I can get behind Battle Clash and Yoshi’s Safari without too much issue.


Along with the boxed Super Scope came more boxed goodness: a Super Game Boy.  I’ve always loved seeing photos of the box for this thing, and it was really something to hold it in my hands and call it my own.  There was also a loose copy of the accessory tucked away in a different box, so I’d certainly call that a bonus.  The only thing I truly wish had come with this was the manual for this.  It was awesome and told you all the different codes to put in to custom colour specific GB games so they’d be truer to the series.  I’ll have to track that down some day.


There was one last boxed item in the bunch, and that was a boxed copy of Secret of Mana.  I can recall a time in my life when I wanted this game pretty desperately, and this is my third time finding it.  I have a nicer condition copy of the game (go here if you want to see a photo), so this one will likely become a pretty lucrative trade for me in the future.  I guess when it rains Secret of Manas, it pours Secret of Manas.


Though the SNES items were small in number, there were still some excellent things to uncover here.  I hope I’ll be able to turn that Secret of Mana into something awesome, as well as finally take a stab at some of those Super Scope games.  Pardon me while I attempt some Battle Clash.

Thank you for reading!


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14 Responses to Hungry Goriya Used Acquire: SNES

  1. Battle Clash, the only reason to ever have a Super Scope.

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  2. LightningEllen says:

    You can never have too many copies of Secret of Mana 🙂

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      This is true. I feel bad sitting on several of them since it’s such a sought after game. I’m trying to catch and release as much as possible.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LightningEllen says:

        I rented it once when I was a little kid. I loved it but never got very far. I’m hoping Nintendo makes more than 5 SNES Classics so I can play it again, haha.

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        No kidding!! I would like to see those consoles in the hands of people who are actually going to play them rather than sitting on shelves untouched or in the hands of the Evilest Scalper Division of Humankind.

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  3. Matt says:

    Awesome purchases, especially Secret of Mana!

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  4. I loved the Super Scope! I remember it came with this robit fighting game where you’d battle a robot trying to take it down by either shooting off its limbs to disable it or just going for the kill. Then there was this puzzle game with Tetris like choices. I wish I could remember what they we’re called. As long as you’re okay with shooting battle robots I think you’d enjoy that one game 😊

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  5. thedeviot says:

    Some nice stuff there! TMNT:IV is actually starting to get up there in price, as kids of the 80’s, and 90’s have gotten nostalgic for the original cartoon. So finding it in a bundle is a pretty sweet deal.

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  6. Have fun with the Super Scope! Yoshi’s Safari was the only game I ever got my mom to play when I was a kid. 😉 I had so much fun with the Super Game Boy, too. You could make your own designs for the frames around the games and I would spend a lot of time trying to make it match the game I was playing, haha!

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      The Super Game Boy is such a gem. I wish Nintendo had continued on with these sorts of adapters for the newer systems for playing handhelds on the TV. I absolutely despise staring down at a handheld, which is a large part of why I haven’t sought out too many games for the DS/3DS yet.

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