Nintendo Goodies

It has been some time since I’ve been able to find anything even remotely interesting at a thrift store, but that all changed the other day. After coming up empty for months, I found a few NES games huddled together in the glass case, and I could’ve sworn they had my name on them!

I found three NES games there: Gauntlet, Gauntlet II, and Shadowgate.  Though I was happy to see some retro games in the wild, I was particularly unimpressed with the pricing of each game: $20!  I couldn’t believe it.  Checking into these games online showed prices ranging anywhere from $10-$20, and the price tag of $20 per game was certainly closer to the high end by far.  In the past, the local thrift store has usually leaned toward the lower end of the pricing, especially for cartridge-only items.  I luckily had a 25% off coupon or else those games could’ve stayed right where they were for all I cared, but I did end up buying them in the end with the discount.  I’m honestly feeling really discouraged about this particular store, as well as others in my area.  Over the last year or so, the last few havens of where I felt I could find fairly priced games are starting to get greedy, which means that I’m likely going to stop shopping there sooner than later.  How can I continue a collecting blog when I won’t be able to buy games in town anymore?!  Bah.  Either way, for the time being, here is a photo of the three games!


Gauntlet is the Tengen release, and I don’t have a lot of unofficial NES games save a handful.  I’ve heard that there is absolutely no difference between the Tengen version and the official release in terms of gameplay or content – even the cartridge art is identical.  Shadowgate and Gauntlet II were in lovely shape and literally look like they’ve never been inserted into an NES.  I honestly wonder how people end up dumping things in this condition off at a thrift store in the first place.  I wish I could somehow draw people in to give me their games instead of sending them off to these greedy stores!

I answered a classifieds ad recently that was an absolute steal.  Someone was selling Soul Blazer for SNES, and though I had a copy of that one already, I bought a second copy to put in the mail for my cousin.  I took a photo of mine and his copy together since I barely ever see this game out and about, and it’s unlikely I’ll ever see two copies together again!


The same person put up another ad a few days later for 8 SNES games, and though I had all of them already bit Pilotwings, I couldn’t help myself.  There were some absolutely great games in there, and I like to buy up well-priced games to use for trades at swaps.  Here’s a photo of all the games I picked up with my very favourite Pusheen mermaid.  The guy even threw in an SNES Game Genie.  I picked up all these games for $200, which is a very, very excellent deal.  The games are:

Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Actraiser 2
Super Metroid
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Secret of Mana
Super Mario RPG


I really lucked out buying these since many of the new-to-me cartridges were in better condition than the copies of the games I had already.  Worn/torn labels, sticker goo, un-removable security labels/stickers, etc. are all things I wish a lot of my games didn’t have on them.  These labels were in particularly excellent shape!  In the photo below, my previous copies are on the left, and the newly purchased copies are on the right.  The sun totally interfered with my photo here, but I promise that new Yoshi’s Island is lovelier than old Yoshi’s Island.


I was pretty excited to finally get a different copy of Yoshi’s Island because the copy I bought with my SNES when I was 17 had always been really finicky.  It would take a lot of wiggling and praying to get that one working, and wouldn’t you know?  The new copy is even worse!  I started wondering if this particular game just has issues, but I think it’s just my luck to come across that game for the second time in my life only to have it perform less well than my ill-performing first copy.  Ugh.  Even with the addition of some extra solder on the PCB contacts to increase the contact area in the console slot didn’t seem to help much.  I’m just going to go with the fact that it isn’t meant to be.  On the bright side though, I did swap the front covers.  That green crayon scrawl is now out of sight!  I’ll be excited for spring/summer swap season to roll around so I can see what trades lie on the horizon.  Maybe Harvest Moon for SNES?  Who can say for sure?!

Lastly, I found another SNES game at a store out of town: Dragon View!  It wasn’t a game I had even heard of before glancing upon it in the store, and I hummed and hawed a whole bunch before finally taking it home with me.  I’m glad I did because it’s apparently an uncommon game that is pretty good according to some reviews I read.  It’s the sequel to the reviled Drakkhen, but Dragon View apparently fixed all the problems that Drakkhen brought to the table and added a whole bunch of new awesome stuff.  The opening sequence and title screen both look amazing, and loading up an old save file on the cartridge had me bopping my head along to some awesome-sounding tunes!  I’m pretty excited to try this one out and maybe even review it down the road.  There doesn’t seem to be too much out there on this particular game.


Well, this might be one of my last posts for a while.  Things are looking awfully sparse out there in the game collecting world, and with more and more stores around here getting greedy, I’m not sure how much more luck I’ll be able to have locally in the next few weeks/months.  I will try to think up some cool other stuff to post in the meantime though.  I love this blog and all you folks out there, so hopefully I can showcase a few things I had hanging around pre-blog, among other things.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.


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23 Responses to Nintendo Goodies

  1. thedeviot says:

    Nice grabs! I’d never even heard of Dragonview until this post.

    Tengen started out as an official licensed third-party developer but, after they reverse engineered the lockout chip in the NES they burned that bridge. There were three Tengen games by Tengen that came licensed, and unlicensed. Gauntlet, RBI Baseball, and Pac-Man. Tengen also being part of Atari (The arcade half that Time-Warner eventually sold to Midway, who they ironically bought out after MK Vs. DC came out) would license out Gauntlet II (which they never did an unlicensed cartridge of), and Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom (Which they did do an unlicensed cartridge of) to Mindscape. Mindscape published licensed Third-party versions of them with Nintendo.

    All of these games are the same. The only changes are the removal of “Licensed By Nintendo” on the title screens. After Namco had an official US Subsidiary they no longer needed to have Tengen publish their titles in North America, so there is actually a THIRD version of Pac-Man on the NES where Namco re did everything, and published it themselves.

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  2. vgj2008 says:

    Dragon View has an LP on LP Archive. It looks kind of interesting.

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  3. Tony says:

    Enjoyed that. Is collecting boxed games a whole other thing? and is it difficult to find carts in original boxes?

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Yeah, boxed games are a whole different thing entirely. People charge much higher prices for the box and manual, and though I love manuals, I often won’t buy them unless they’re $5 each. If I do find a really good deal on a boxed game (like my $100 complete HM64 or my $20 Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse for NES), I scoop them up. Mostly though, I’m quite content just to have good condition cartridges for Nintendo stuff. This all goes out the window when it comes to Sega and Playstation stuff though – I like to have those cases and manuals, especially for disc-based games. The plastic cases hold up so much better than the cardboard boxes of Nintendo’s past.

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  4. Pusheen is really going to enjoy those games!

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  5. Super curious about Dragon View! I mean…what DO they see 😆 I’m looking forward to your next streaming or LP whenever you get to it, too. $20 per cartridge is highway robbery for non-rare games, though I suppose they’d argue that anything from the cartridge days is rare. Still when you find ones for around $5-$10,that’s a steep asking price. I hope you enjoy your finds!

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      Hooray! I am definitely working on getting some stuff together over Christmas, but I likely won’t have anything solid to post until the New Year. I’m also out of town until around then as well, so streams will be non-existent until then as well.

      And yes, I hear ya on the prices for common games. It’s incredibly frustrating, and I’m getting tired of having to pay for people’s greed! It might dwindle down to yard sales and swaps for me pretty soon, since I’m starting to hate chain stores. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them despite the grumpiness I have! Thank you 🙂

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  6. benez256 says:

    Secret of Mana…*drooling instensifies*. It’s funny that we’ve found a copy of Super Metroid almost at the same time, even though mine is a PAL. Lately I’m convincing myself that the NES/SNES games with a “Dragon” in it are excellent ones…

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  7. Mr. Panda says:

    You know I love all the Nintendo goodies! The SNES games alone are some of my favorites ever. Yoshi’s Island and the DKC trilogy were so monumental in shaping my love of Nintendo. And of course, Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG, and Secret of Mana are classics. But I have to say your NES games are also wonderful choices, particularly Shadowgate. I love point-and-click adventures, and that is one of the most classic. It’s actually one of the few NES games that I bought from a used game store in the past 5 years, purely because I’ve wanted to experience it! So even if for just a brief moment, I was living the collector’s life that you get to live all the time! 😀

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      The Collector’s Life should be the title of my first album, if I ever get around to becoming sufficiently musical! I wonder how all of these SNES games will change me when I finally get around to playing them. I wish I had been able to experience games like Yoshi’s Island and DKC in my youth!

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      • Mr. Panda says:

        Haha! I would listen to your album. 🙂 I played those games in my formative years of gaming. And I don’t think I’d have quite the same mind-blowing experience if I first played them now at my current age. They’re amazing games, but part of it was the time I played them. I think many people have that time in their life when games were absolutely golden, and I hope you were able to have those same experiences too!

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        I definitely did have those times when I was younger, but much of my time was spent on the NES, Game Boy, and Sega Genesis rather than anything else!

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      • Mr. Panda says:

        I wish I also had a Sega Genesis when I was younger! Most of the games I’ve played have been from Virtual Console much later in life so I never got to fall in love with Sonic in quite the same way as most Sega kids.

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      • hungrygoriya says:

        I’m in a constant state of love for Sonic, so I know what you mean. I played Sonic 2 as much as I played Mario 2 and 3! I could never get into Sonic 1 though. Those special stages always felt cheap to me!!! I’m also a sore loser 😛

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  8. Chris W says:

    I have all the unlicensed tengen nes titles cib.

    Are those games an offering to pusheen?

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