Some Questions about The Last Jedi

The following are a list of questions I had after watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Please don’t read them if you don’t want anything spoiled about the movie!




Spoilers ahead!




About Luke:

  1. Why did Luke leave a map if he never intended to be found?
  2. Since when can Jedi make live-action holograms of themselves in distant places, and how did Luke learn to do that?
  3. If hologram fighting was possible all along, why didn’t all Jedi just fight as holograms all the time? Obi-Wan would still be with us.
  4. Why didn’t Luke’s metal hand stay behind when he disappeared?
  5. Why did Luke teleporting himself result in his death?
  6. If Jedi can see all aspects of the future, why didn’t Luke see that his actions would be the impetus for the turning of Kylo Ren and stop himself from doubting him in the first place?
  7. Why did Luke get so crotchety and detached when his original story’s driving force was hope and seeing the good in others?
  8. How did Luke find an island with a dark side pit, and what was its former purpose?
  9. Why was The Mirror of Erised in the dark side pit?
  10. Why did Luke get upset about the Jedi texts being burned when he would’ve known that Rey took them?

About other characters and plot points:

  1. How did Leia learn to survive the vacuum of space?
  2. Was the bird meat Chewie was eating a cooked porg, in front of a bunch of other porgs?
  3. If so, was the sadness shown by the porgs because Chewie was eating their friend, or were they wanting in on a little cannibalism?
  4. Why didn’t Finn melt?
  5. In the final confrontation, weren’t Finn and Rose’s ships attached in the beginning?
  6. Why was Rose saved after she essentially became a traitor?  She sentenced the remaining rebels to death by interfering with Finn’s kamikaze mission.  Moreover, since when does love trump duty?
  7. How did Rose learn to fly a ship? I thought she was a maintenance worker.
  8. Why didn’t Holdo tell the crew what her plans were instead of keeping them secret?
  9. In light of Holdo turning the rebel ship into a lightspeed rocket, why don’t they just start strapping lightspeed engines to random asteroids and ramming those into things?
  10. Why did Captain Phasma fall down a second pit? You think she’d be watching out for those after the last time.
  11. How did those ice foxes even fit through that small hole in the rocks?
  12. How did a death star-like laser only put a tiny hole in a giant door rather than blowing up the entire mountain?


If you have any answers to these questions or some of your own, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!


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17 Responses to Some Questions about The Last Jedi

  1. Kaihaku says:

    The question that bothers me is, “Why would Luke…who turned Darth Vader from the Dark Side…fire up a lightsaber over a sleeping child because of a single vision?”

    I can get why he’d go hermit (7) after doing something so diametrically opposed to his character…but I don’t understand why he’d be so tempted to harm a child that he’d actually activate a weapon.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I know! I feel exactly the same way. He went to face the emperor and Darth Vader in hopes to get that glimmer of good in his father to shine a little brighter and potentially save him from the dark side. Him turning on that weapon didn’t make sense at all!


    • I think he was afraid of another Darth Vader, but in doing so, he pretty much fulfilled just that! It’s like Oedipus Rex. In trying to avoid the terrible fate, you bring it about *headdesk*


      • Kaihaku says:

        That definitely seems to have been the intent…but it struck me as antithetical to Luke’s character. I mean, this is the guy who saved Darth Vader…I have an easier time seeing Han or Leila taking the self-fulfilling prophecy of doom route.

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  2. GarrettCRW says:

    Chewie was DEFINITELY eating porgs, and getting shamed by the still alive porgs.

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  3. nostalgic26 says:

    That’s a lot of questions! Either I turned my brain off at the door or I have a very healthy suspension of logic to go with my suspension of disbelief. 🙂

    Let’s see if I can come up with reasonable explanations…

    1. Perhaps Luke left a map at a time in which he would have welcomed being found or intended it to be found by only very particular people, such as Leia or Han. Maybe he left it so people in the future could be directed to the remaining Jedi wisdom (before he determined it would be best for the Jedi to vanish). He may also have left it as a response to a Jedi dream or vision.

    2. We can assume that Luke has spent much of the last couple of decades in study and contemplation and that he is a powerful Jedi to start with, so he could have learned to project his presence in that time. Rey and Kylo likely can with each other because of this deep connection they have with each other through the Force.

    3. Either the earlier Jedi had not developed the technique or it was so taxing that anyone who did it would soon pass on, so they could not easily teach it.

    4. Luke’s hand is a part of him, connected to him, while his robe is just clothing.

    5. Luke either transported himself, projected himself, or both, to a distant solar system. This coupled with his age (which is presumably advanced for a human in the Star Wars universe) could have caused too much of a strain on his body. Then again, is Luke actually dead? Maybe he moved on to another plane of existence or has a purely spiritual form.

    6. Jedi may only be able to catch glimpses of possible futures, and the further they read into the future, the more inaccurate the reading becomes. Also, despite Luke being a powerful Jedi, he is also a flawed human being, and his fear got the best of him, blinding him to other futures that might have been.

    7. Again, Luke is only human. He had an incredible weight placed on him after the events of the original trilogy. As he mentioned, he had become a Legend. Legends are not allowed to retreat or make mistakes or live a normal existence. He also may not have been a natural teacher and was placed into the role only because there was no one else to keep the Jedi teachings alive.

    8. Perhaps the island was important to the Jedi precisely because there was a Dark Side pit to provide a constant reminder of the two sides of the Force. It’s also possible that before the wielders of the Force split into Jedi and Sith that they had a better sense of balance and could work with both sides.

    9. It showed Rey that what she was searching for was within herself.

    10. Perhaps Luke could have known but he didn’t look into the future or recent past to know about it. Again, even a very powerful and skilled Jedi can have personal blind spots.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      These are all really interesting answers! There’s so many questions about what went on between Return of the Jedi and this movie that it’s hard to fill in the blanks, but I appreciate your points here. I’ll just fill in that ghost Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi kept showing Luke stuff as he grew older. My brain is more on the logic side than the suspending disbelief side, so perhaps I’m a bit more critical than most on what many might consider small or insignificant details.


  4. nostalgic26 says:

    Part 2…

    1. Leia has had over 20 years to learn a few tricks with the Force. Since she has been deeply involved in the battle with the First Order, it’s possible this wasn’t the first time she’s been spaced.

    4. Finn got knocked away just before reaching a critical temperature…

    5. Those ships were so rickety that they could have separated shortly after the battle started.

    6. You’re concerned about Rose being saved after Poe’s behavior? 🙂 The remaining resistance needs as many of its members as they can keep. Also, if we lose sight of love, then what are we fighting for? And maybe someone was able to perform an analysis that showed that sacrificing one ship to the cannon wouldn’t have been enough to blow it up, so Rose was saving Finn from an unnecessary sacrifice.

    7. Rose can fly because everyone in such a small resistance band has to wear multiple hats.

    8. Holdo may have kept the plans secret to prevent them from leaking out and/or the First Order from figuring them out.Why didn’t Holdo tell the crew what her plans were instead of keeping them secret?

    9. Lightspeed engines are too expensive or rare to turn into asteroid boosters. It probably would be difficult to aim the asteroids by ramming them.

    10. Fog of war.

    11. The rocks shifted after the foxes got through or the foxes are very flexible.

    12. Perhaps the cannon has several settings. Kylo may have wanted a narrow beam so that they would not destroy the resources (and information) inside the base – just the door.

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  5. Kuribo says:

    This article is very timely! I had started writing one about The Last Jedi when I first saw that you posted one and I had a lot of these same questions in the movie. I didn’t like the movie as much as I hoped/expected but hopefully you enjoyed it more than me and you get all your questions answered too 🙂

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I am just reading your article now! I was excited when I saw it pop up in the reader. I by no means loved the movie, but I also didn’t hate it. It’s a movie, but not the return to form I hoped it would be. There’s something horribly off about the humour and character chemistry in these new movies that bothers me too much. Off to finish reading your article!

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      • Kuribo says:

        It sounds like we have pretty similar opinions of the movie overall. I didn’t really talk to anybody about the movie after seeing it like I normally do so to know that others feel the same way, is a relief in a strange way 🙂

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  7. I’ve actually been waiting to answer these since I saw it in my email 🙂 It seems like TLJ was very divisive, but apparently Empire was just so when it came out!

    1. It’s possible he didn’t leave a map, but information about where he was located was deciphered? I don’t have a really good answer to this one, so I’m going to move onto…
    2. He was probably studying Jedi stuff for years alone in the temple so he probably learned how to use the Force in such a way to project himself. He was alone on that island for a long time, so it gave him time to hone his Jedi/Force skills even more. This goes along with…
    3. It would take a while to learn it, and Obiwan didn’t learn it. It seems as though each Jedi surpasses his trainer in some way or another, so while Luke was honing his Jedi skills in the temple with all of the Jedi knowledge, he might have tapped into the ability to do hologram projection.
    4. The same reason his clothing didn’t say behind I suppose? Turning into a Force ghost isn’t the same as being Raptured hehe. That would be my guess.
    5. Because it took so Force energy and power to do it, it used up all of his own life force. Not sure if you’ve seen Stranger Things, but whenever one character uses her telepathic (actually Force-like) powers, she always gets a nosebleed and it wipes her out physically, because it takes so much energy to do it. Luke was projecting himself across light years using the Force, so it probably took the last of his strength.
    6. Can Jedi see all aspects of the future?? I’m not a Star Wars expert, so I have no clue everything Jedi can do.
    7. Character development in a nutshell, but to break it down, Luke had never failed in his lifetime, but he failed with his nephew Ben. It completely changed his worldview from the embodiment of the new hope to the same failure that Obiwan and Yoda felt with Anakin. He couldn’t keep his own flesh and blood from turning to the dark side. That’s enough to send anyone into a despair spiral. I have to say I did agree with his point about the elitism of the old Jedi order, and it subtly expunged the idea around the midichlorians (sp) and having “special blood” being “specially created,” which is the juxtaposition between Kylo Ren and Rey. Luke was no longer the bright, hopeful youth that Obiwan found on Tattoine. He experienced the same pain that his old masters (Obiwan and Yoda) had and did the same thing they did: hid himself in solitude and refused to train the next Jedi just like Yoda initially refused to train him.
    10. Did he know Rey took them though? I don’t think he did. Yoda knew, which is why he set the flame. Luke couldn’t even do it. Yoda had to force lighting strike the tree.

    The other questions:
    1. Leia has always been a Force user, and I’d think that in dire straits when it’s a live or die situation, you’re going to use any power you have to survive.
    11. I’d think they were small enough to wiggle through? If their heads could fit, they could probably get their bodies through.
    12. I got nothing. I thought it was going to blow up the entire thing, too.

    I’m not remotely a Star Wars expert, BUT I know some who could probably answer much better! I loved the movie. There are definitely plot “conveniences” I’ll call them, but (for me) they didn’t override the overall point of the movie. Did you like The Force Awakens better? I loved TLJ, but I still like TFA better.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      I always love seeing other people’s insights into this sort of thing! I guess it’s hard to pinpoint exactly all that went on since Luke arrived at his little hideaway, but I can see lots of potential truth in your answers here. The thing that bugs me the most is that Luke would end up there at all to begin with. In the original trilogy, Obi-Wan and Yoda had a legitimate reason to hide away for so long. Downward spiral or not, it’s hard to imagine Luke just shuffling away while someone as scary and horrible as Kylo Ren seemed in his visions was rising up. To me it seems careless on his part, to leave the world at the hands of another evil like that. I am no Star Wars expert either, but it felt like it went against everything that Luke stood for in the earlier films. I guess people can change, but I would’ve hoped that they might change when the consequence wouldn’t be the death of thousands!

      I didn’t mind this movie by any means, but I didn’t love it. It was meh to me, and truthfully I did like The Force Awakens better than this one. The characters were livelier and there were some great setups that I thought would be built upon moving forward into this film. They just left a lot hanging and somehow made some potentially cool characters feel dull in TLJ. I did like Kylo Ren’s character development though. I thought he was a bit of a wiener in the last film, and I have a little more respect and interest in him after TLJ.

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      • I saw it as more of a character development story line than anything else, which I realized when I was discussing it with another friend who was disappointed. He pointed out that they were in the same place: running from the First Order, and he was right; now they’re just in more dire straits.


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