Secret Valentine: Elle from The Road to Elle

Firstly, thank you to Ian from Adventure Rules for initiating another wonderful community event, encouraging folks to come together and share and discuss common interests, or in this case, downright appreciate others openly!

Secondly, happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope that you’re all feeling loved today.  Now, onto my secret valentine!

I was pleased to broaden my horizons beyond gaming and take a look at the blog called The Road to Elle, and the wonderful person behind it: Elle.  Though I had never interacted with Elle’s writing previous to this endeavour, I was quickly swept into candid accounts of day-to-day activities and wonderful bits of poetry, interspersed with book reviews and a little bit of everything else.  She is also a book-reading machine, which is something I really admire and wish I had more time to do in my own life.  I’ve read a total of half a book this year (I’m actually cheating, I really started it last year in December).  There are certainly some interesting books she has mentioned and discussed that I’m adding to my list of books I’d eventually like to seek out.

What I loved about reading Elle’s blog is her clear passion to write.  She just recently finished up a novel five years in the making back in November, and her excitement in that post was palpable.  She seems to be constantly striving to reflect and expand in the work she is doing, and as a result, continues to improve along the way.  I especially loved reading poems written from different prompts, i.e. write a poem about an empty room or a lie.  These spontaneous challenges were interesting to read and gave me some perspective on topics and situations I would’ve taken an entirely different direction in if I was at all good at stringing ideas together in a prose-like fashion.

It’s also really obvious that Elle really cares about her family.  Her posts are dotted with references to her children, her husband and her talented artist mother.  It was fun reading about her daughter learning to cook some new things, as well as some chronicles of local events that she has attended with family.  It’s really refreshing to read about people simply being people!

Elle from The Road to Elle is a talented writer with an enthusiasm that extends beyond your average blogger.  I’m truly looking forward to keeping up with her adventures!

Thanks for reading!


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5 Responses to Secret Valentine: Elle from The Road to Elle

  1. Elle says:

    Aw, thank you for all the kind words. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  2. Robert Ian Shepard says:

    Oh man, I didn’t even dive into the book reviews because I was focused on reading the poetry. I’ll have to go back and check those out! Elle definitely has a dynamic writing style and it was great having some folks involved in the event who aren’t exclusively game bloggers. Thanks for participating in the event and introducing folks to Elle!

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  3. I was fortunate enough to have Elle say some nice things about me! I agree with these points, 100%!

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