The Super Specific Sunshine Award


I don’t know how this keeps happening, but you kind folks out there continue to recognize my humble little spot on the internet as a fun place to be!  Thank you very much to Matthew at Normal Happenings for nominating me for a special twist on the Sunshine Blogger Award: The Super Specific Sunshine Award.  I am grateful for the nomination and happily accept it!

Normal Happenings covers lots of things around my favourite topic (gaming!) as well as some personal posts tackling some difficult personal topics.  There’s lots there, so you should definitely take a gander out that way if you haven’t already.  Most notably on a personal level, I’m really excited to be taking part in the Hyrule Collaboration Project being run out of this blog. Mixing Zelda with anything is a recipe for fun and a sure way to get me all fired up!

I have been invited to answer some really fun and interesting super specific questions.  I will do my best to be as specific as possible in the spirit of the award!  Here they are:


  1. Text your best friend a potato emoji. What was their reply?

    I have an older phone and there was no potato emoji to be found.  However, my best friend would likely reply with a quote from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when Will tells Hillary how to get revenge on someone she knows by putting a potato in her car’s exhaust pipe and keying her car.  She later replies:

    “I rubbed that damn potato all over Leeza’s car and it didn’t even make a scratch. At least they didn’t catch me putting my keys in her exhaust pipe.

  2. *RING* *RING*
    YOU: Hello.
    ???: Erm, yeah, this is Beatrix from [your favorite band].
    YOU: Seriously?
    BEATRIX: Seriously! And we need a favor.
    YOU: Uh, okay.
    BEATRIX: We’re trying to appeal to the Millennial crowd, and we need a weird, hipster album title. We’ll use whatever you come up with! Call us back.
    YOU: Hmm… What should I name the album? Also, what is the name of my favorite band?

    The album name would probably be Beard Oil, and the band would be The Offspring. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Dexter Holland with a beard.

  3. You can tame any animal as you would a cat or a dog. They get to live inside your home and become part of your family. Which animal will you tame?

    A kid (baby goat). But it would have to stay little forever, and it would also always have to wear a sweater.

  4. Take one of your favorite quotes, then jumble up the words!
    Example: against be advice The any anybody has actually to has the quality lead of judged they offer life of quality to.
    Actual Quote: The quality of any advice anybody has to offer has to be judged against the quality of life they actually lead. – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    Can anyone in your comments reassemble the quote?

    Really a person you consider until you climb and walk into his point of skin… until things from around in his view of it his you never understand.

  5. What happened in the last dream you can remember? Tell us all about it in excruciating detail.

    I was in my hometown and was invited to a symphony performance.  All my friends from high school that I no longer talk to were going to be there.  The concert was taking place in a townhouse where all my ex-friends were gathered in the living room.  The living room was wallpapered in a yellowish paisley, and all furniture pieces were also yellowed with age, with large orangey-brown flowers adorning their surfaces.  The room was carpeted and was hot and stuffy.  A friend of mine that I haven’t spoken with in two years was also there, dressed head to toe in black and telling a story.  Everyone around her was laughing and they seemed to be getting on just fine without me.  I felt a pit in my stomach and retreated to an upstairs bedroom to pass my time while I waited for my father to come and pick me up.  My friends eventually found me and sat down around me on the bed that suddenly had no sheets or comforter on it, but nobody said anything to me.  They stared at me with anticipation, but I had no idea what to say.  I said nothing.  I remember wanting to leave, but the door was closed and I couldn’t seem to find a way out of the room.

  6. What is a unique dish from your region, country, or culture I should try?

    I have a partial French Canadian heritage, so if you eat meat, you should have some tortiere (meat pie).  Traditionally it can be made with beef but is sometimes a mix of beef and pork.  Some recipes add veggies and other things to make it more diverse, but my family always made it plain with spiced meat in a normal pie crust with a big pile of ketchup on top.  I’m not sure what the spices are… I’d have to ask!  Though it’s not my favourite thing, it’s still a little piece of Canadian culture that I enjoy once a year.

  7. The year: 2024. After a mediocre Summer Olympics, the Committee is trying to breathe to life into the games before interest goes down. Messaging you on LinkedIn, they elect you to the Olympic committee and grant you one thing. You get to incorporate a new Olympic sport – anything you want! What’s your new sport, how will it work, and why?

    Toe-touching for short-armed people.  I’ve recently discovered I have short arms and have not been able to touch my toes.  I want to see some glory brought to others of the short-armed variety.  The event would include ratio-based assessment of toe-touching abilities, comparing leg lengths and arm lengths. The person who could touch their toes and had the most terrible ratio would win.

  8. What is the most dangerous lyric in a pop song, if it is taken literally?
    For example: “Lightning strikes every time she moves” from the song “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris. Just imagine if that were real.

    Slim Pickens by The Offspring says,

    “Slim Pickens, well he does the right thing, and he rides the bomb to hell, yeah he rides the bomb to hell,” and later talks about someone “riding on a missile with a cowboy hat.”  That’s pretty dangerous!

    I think that’s modelled after the actual Slim Pickens, but it’s an excellent song.  I’m not sure if it’s classified as pop, but it’ll have to do!

  9. Oh no! The limited superpower bedbug strikes again!
    Which of the following limited superpowers would choose and why?
    – The ability to, once a week, go back in time exactly one minute.
    – The ability to, once a week, freeze time for exactly one minute.
    – The ability to, once a week, go forward in time exactly one minute.

    I would very likely choose the first option for the days I make a hot breakfast.  On those days, I get into my car and drive away and spend the rest of the day wondering if I turned the stove off.

  10. Self-referential numerical value survey question:
    Are my super specific questions weird?
    1-2: Not weird at all.
    3-4: Kinda weird, but not really.
    5-6: Weird, but not anymore than average.
    7-8: Yeah, you’re getting up there on the weirdness scale.
    9-10: Oh gosh, you’re super weird!

    6! They were definitely a unique set of questions, and I thoroughly enjoyed answering them 😀

Thank you all so much for your continued support in this venture. I hope you all enjoyed my answers.

Happy Monday, and thank you for reading.


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8 Responses to The Super Specific Sunshine Award

  1. Ahh, you answered them! I love your answers! Your dream description was, indeed, excruciatingly detailed. Thank you for the kind words, and of course exploring Hyrule with me. I’m very excited to see what the only Zelda 1 portion is going to be like.

    Also, I hate to be the “anybody” to reassemble your quote, but of course I recognized it from “To Kill a Mockingbird”:
    “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”


    • hungrygoriya says:

      I’m so glad you liked the answers 🙂 Thank you for posing such interesting questions that got my brain shuffling last night.

      And yep, bang on with To Kill a Mockingbird. I read that in high school and the story really stuck with me. It’s a book I’ve always wanted to reread but never really remember to pick up.


  2. You get an A+ for mentioning The Offspring’s “Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell”, which is partially a reference to “Dr. Strangelove’s How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb”. I like that song almost as much as “Stuff Is Messed Up” personally.

    Anyways, that is all.

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    • hungrygoriya says:

      There is nary an Offspring song I don’t like. I love the fact that Divide By Zero and Slim Pickens run together perfectly on the CD. It’s so satisfying listening to those back to back for that reason. Days Go By has been in my car since I got it.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Those were incredibly fun and unique questions and answers! If I could tame any animal…I’ve been really into whale sharks lately, but I really don’t see how my small apartment would fit one :p

    Liked by 1 person

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