The Retro Game Collection of A.S. – What We Got

I can’t say enough good things about A.S. and his amazing collection, but if you missed the first part of this post set, you should check out my previous, similarly-titled entry.  This post is meant to showcase the great find that we acquired recently for a total sum of $300.

All consoles acquired came with their hookups, but they don’t make for nice photos so they were not included.  We are still in the process of testing everything out, and so far, about 99.9% of things are working well.

Atari 2600 and Intellivision

We received six different kinds of Atari 2600 consoles, including a heavy sixer (top left), a light sixer (middle right), a Darth Vader version (all black, middle left), a Sears Tele-Game (fabled to need some repair, top right), and two Atari Juniors (bottom).  We also received a variety of joysticks/paddles for this system.  In addition to this, we also received an Intellivision I and an Intellivision II, along with the Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module.  We received a huge number of games for both systems, both boxed with manuals or loose.




 Nintendo Entertainment System

We received a console with two controllers (one we found after the photo was taken), 3 light zappers, as well as 53 games.  Most excitingly for me, we got Megaman 2/3, a second set of the Super Mario Bros. games, River City Ransom which I have been told is excellent, and two multi-carts: Super 190 in 1 and 42 in 1.  My boyfriend was particularly excited about finally getting his hands on Super C.  There are lots of other great titles in there that I’ve never played or heard of.  Also, despite our best efforts to avoid it, we’ve now officially become proud parents of Jack Nicklaus Golf.

Note: We’ve also been invited back to A.S.’s to pick up some extra cartridges.  More on those when we know what they are!


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

We received the console, two controllers, as well as a few games and their manuals.  Growing up, I completely missed out on SNES and all of the RPGs that came along with it, which is something I’m trying to make up for now in my collecting.  For me, this was probably the most exciting part of the find because I finally, finally got my hands on Secret of Mana and its manual!  I’ve been looking for this game for years now, and the price was always far too heinous for me to pick it up.  I’ve only ever seen it at hock shops or gaming events for $60-$80 Canadian for just the cartridge alone, so to find it in the pile of treasures with its manual was like Christmas.  Lufia & the Fortress of Doom has also been on my list to play for a long time as well, and that one came with its manual and map.  We also finally own Super Mario Kart!  I tried the Monster game and died within 5 seconds of starting… that one is not my favourite at the moment.


Nintendo 64

We received the console, one controller, two memory cards and a rumble pack along with 14 games.  Of particular interest to me was the gold Zelda cartridge (I only had the grey one until now), as well as Pokemon Stadium and Starfox 64.  I’ve been told that the 007 game is also a lot of fun, but I’ve only ever tried playing alone (it was not the best time I’ve ever had.) I also missed out on owning an N64 growing up, so to expand my game collection through this acquisition was a nice touch.  I’m sure the WWF game is better than that tag-team “Wrestling” game on pirated multi-carts where you glow red and get extra powers for a short time…


Nintendo Gamecube

We received the console, two controllers (one with a damaged analog stick, top in the photo), and a memory card for the system along with four games.  I just recently started collecting Gamecube games and was quite happy to see each of the four games we got pop up.  Super Smash Bros. Melee is not a game I’ve ever played, but I had a go with the N64 version and enjoyed a lot it at friends’ houses in the past.  I have also heard that the music from Luigi’s Mansion is pretty excellent as well.  Zelda and Mario are Zelda and Mario… no need to go on there!


Sega Dreamcast

We received one console, three controllers, two Visual Memory Units, two memory cards, a Jump Pack, and a fishing rod controller along with 28 games.  Being an enormous RPG fan, I was extremely excited about Grandia II, D2, and Shenmue.  There are a few horror titles in the mix that look interesting and terrifying, like Shadow Man.  All the games save two came with their instruction booklets and original cases, and all the disks are in good to near perfect condition!  Considering that we ran into a guy at a thrift store selling just the case for Shenmue for $10 last week, this was a welcome find.


Playstation 2

We received three (yes, three) PS2 consoles, all of which appear to have their own unique problems: one doesn’t display video via HD or regular RCA, one doesn’t read discs, and one doesn’t power on at all.  Perhaps some Frankensteining will work to our benefit, here.  In addition, we received two official wired controllers, one after market wired controller, a memory card and three games: Men in Black II, Ace Combat 5 – The Unsung War, and Peter Jackson’s King Kong.  These were in worse shape than everything else because they apparently spent some time with A.S.’s nephew and were not well-taken care of.  I haven’t taken photos here because we are still expecting some more games in the recent future.  I will post photos when I have everything!

So there you have it.  This was probably the best find I’ll ever experience, and it all feels downhill from here, to be honest.  I’ve  been looking at prices of things online and cringing since many people want payment for a single game at a third of the price we paid for all of these lovely items. Although I understand that there’s a price to be paid for collectible items, it’s just frustrating to see arbitrary price-setting happening for so many great games that are not particularly rare, or that people know are in demand because they’re good.  Just a humble reminder: in general, all the good games used to be the same price as all the bad ones when they were new.

This experience has definitely changed my perspective on collecting, and I will keep it close to my heart moving forward.  A.S. has practically donated his collection to us because he knows the love of collecting.  He also seemed happy that we don’t just collect things to put them on a shelf to look at them or turn them around for a quick buck.  We fully intend to play them, and how!

Thanks for reading.  I will continue to update this as I come across more goodies!


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13 Responses to The Retro Game Collection of A.S. – What We Got

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  4. benez256 says:

    Nonononononono wait. You do have all this stuff??? I need to kniw where you got it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. benez256 says:

    So I hope you’ll find the time to play it! During this weekend I discovered my old NES I kept in my parent’s garage disappeared and I really don’t know where it is 😦 😦 😦 Now I’m desperately seeking for another one to buy…

    Liked by 1 person

    • hungrygoriya says:

      Awww, I’m so sorry to hear that. My boyfriend has gone through something similar where stuff he had left at his parents’ house mad magically disappeared on him too. I hope you can find another one soon!


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  7. What an amazing collection! Congrats on the awesome find! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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